With Perfecto Under His Belt, Cameron Mo Is One To Watch

Fascinated with music from an early age, England native, Cameron Mo must have driven his parents crazy! “I used to get cassette tapes, go in the loft and open them to look at the brown tape inside of them and wonder where that sound came from,” said a laughing Cameron. “I was fascinated with drum kicks from everyone like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Culture Club.”

Cameron’s father met his mother after the two migrated to the UK from Pakistan and India in the 1950’s. At age 10, Cameron’s father bought him a small keyboard and began experimenting with it while listening to Atlantic 252 Radio. “One day in 1998, I heard Gouryella and System F (Ferry Corsten former aliases), and it took me to another level,” remembered Cameron. “From then on, I was the guy wearing the baggy jacket with cassette tapes in it to supply my friends with music on our way out to club night!”

Cameron Mo.

Cameron vividly remembers his first club night at Cream to see his favorite DJ, Paul Oakenfold. “I can still smell the club to this day; everything from the cigarette smoke, perfume, sweat, alcohol and piss.” recalled Cameron. “And, I remember seeing this dark shadow on the decks with a little table light next to it. I was mesmerized!” Soon after that night, Cameron bought his first decks, a pair of Numark belt drive turntables which were difficult to use, and was able to afford one vinyl per week.

“I wanted to go out and DJ,” exclaimed Cameron. “I used to go out and promote myself but found some problems with my ethnicity in my local area.” Cameron remembers not being allowed to play and always playing second fiddle to other, white DJ’s saying, “Unfortunately, the UK has areas that can be a racist, especially in the early 2000s. I was given small time slots – if any, less pay and was even required to be a stand-by DJ in case someone didn’t show up and was told bring my own equipment even though the club supplied decks of their own.

Cameron, whose given name was Mohammad, found the name didn’t bode well with him. “Mohammed is just a name to identify yourself with your Muslim religion,” declared Cameron. “My parents felt the need to give me that name and every time I would travel, especially to the United States, I would get pulled in and questioned. For the career-path I have chosen and for travel purposes, I elected to drop that name.” Cameron sites Amir Hussain as a guy who has stuck to his guns, though regarding his name. “Fair play to the guy,” Cameron proudly said. “He hasn’t swayed from his roots, name wise, and the guy is smashing it right now all over the world!”

2014 saw Cameron remix, “Ascension – Someone Like You.” Although unsigned, the track was picked up by BBC’s Danny Howard. “I knew I was still a long way off, though,” admitted Cameron. After years of studying production and working with well-known producers, Cameron created “Faultline” and sent the track to his idol Paul Oakenfold’s label, Perfecto. Straight away, Paul signed the track and immediately sent Cameron lyrics to a song and asked his remix of it. “The doors are now opening for me, Cameron proudly stated. “I’m also honored to have worked on a collaboration with another Perfecto artist with that track signed to Perfecto Fluro for its dark, uplifting, and euphoric sound!”

Cameron is instrumental in his regards for Judge Jules. The legendary DJ / Radio Host has been very prevalent in aiding Cameron over the years and said, “I couldn’t be more grateful to have a brother like Jules in my corner. I owe a lot to that man apart from the fact he left me stranded in a blizzard near Finnish / Russian border!” He also wants to thank Carl Nicholson for showing him the light when asking for his opinion. “I would send a track to Carl, and he would tell me straight away what was wrong with it. We spent many hours going back and forth with things, and I consider him a great friend!”

Cameron Mo.

Cameron is slated to release 5-7 singles this year with Perfecto and FSOE. His next single will be released in May 2019 on Perfecto. Cameron is eager to continue learning and feels that his music is risky but doesn’t feel the need to buy into using logic templates. “I just believe in doing it my way,” Cameron said. “You can practice DJ’ing all you want, but you have to produce to keep your talent alive.”

When Cameron isn’t working his “real job” with the British government, he enjoys listening to everything from ambient to classical music. Cameron is also very committed with helping the unfortunate by working with organizations building water pumps to the needy in Africa and other parts of the world. “It’s something I’ve done for years,” Cameron proudly said. “I’m in a position where I can do that, and it’s making a difference!”

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