After “Music Rescues Me,” Steve Dekay Is Motoring On

25-year-old Trance producer Steve Dekay has been releasing music since January of 2013. With over 100 titles to his credit on 60 different record labels, it’s safe to say his music is quite diverse.

Growing up in Colombia, Steve’s music influence began at an early age. “My father is a lover of good music, especially Salsa,” remembers Steve. “It’s one of the most representative sounds of Latin America, so as a child I had a taste for good music and an educated ear.”

Studying systems and audiovisual production in school, Steve soon learned the process of creating electronic music. “My main goal was to make music for the dance floor,” said Steve. I wanted to create a calming yet climatic feel with great melodies.”

Steve Dekay.

Steve’s early releases centered around Progressive House and evolved to varying forms of Trance, mainly Uplifting. His relentless schedule of releases over the past six years is a testament to his growth as an artist and his insatiable work ethic. “It’s been a challenge,” Steve admitted. “But, thanks to my hard work, I’m achieving my goals and developing my sound.”

A signature sound he’s constantly tweaking, Steve also knows the importance of working outside his comfort zone. “It’s important to work on your favorite genre, but I also enjoy working outside that comfort zone trying something different,” Steve admitted. It helps me refresh my ears and mind.”

Refreshing eyes and minds is something Steve takes with him on the road, too. “When I play, I try and educate the listener’s ears a little as well. I don’t play the Beatport Top 10 or what other artists play,” confessed Steve. “I like to explore music that many people haven’t heard but still has a potential for the dance floor!”

Steve Dekay.

Working with many record companies, Steve was instrumental in his relationship with Spyridon Karapatakis, owner of Chicago IL-based Full On 140 Records. “I had this label in my sights and didn’t want to rule out the possibility of signing a track to them,” reflected Steve. “I met Spy, a good guy who works hard for his label and I’m pleased to work with him.”

“Achieving signed music with these labels is really difficult and is something all producers want,” said Steve. “It makes me really happy that my music has been well received.”

Steve Dekay.

Steve admitted that he always wanted a track signed to VANDIT, and after several dismissed demos, he was offered an opening slot for Paul van Dyk during a Colombia stop on his tour. “It was the pinnacle at that time,” said a grateful Steve. “Before and after this event, though I had some clues that he liked my music.” The obvious clues were plays on VONYC Sessions, Paul’s weekly radio show that soon turned into an invitation to collaborate with Paul on his latest album, “Music Rescues Me.” “I said ‘Yes’ very quickly,” screamed an enthusiastic Steve. “It’s great for any artist to work with him. It’s Paul van Dyk!”

Aurora was officially released on February 1, 2019, and has boosted Steve’s confidence to continue producing great music. With collaborations on the way from Allen Watts, Driftmoon and a follow up to 2015’s “Alhena,” Steve is excited to again be working with Emanuele Congeddu. “I’m looking forward to the release of these tracks. I’m sure that Trance lovers will have them on their favorite playlists for a long time to come!”

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