Jardin Details His Successful Climb Up The Trance Ladder

Having just woken up 30 minutes before our conversation, 28-year-old apprentice welder and Trance artist, Jardin Owens must have had a long day at work. “I work full time as an apprentice here in my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. I’m left to do jobs on my own, but I still have to go to school one day a week,” explained Jardin. “In December, I’ll have my trade papers, so I’m pretty happy about that.”

A rock / metal enthusiast growing up, Jardin played drums in secondary school but his jam band didn’t really go anywhere. “It was something to do,” Jardin said. “I enjoyed it.” A natural progression ensued that found Jardin at Coloursfest 2009. “I went to see Markus Schulz as he was a big inspiration,” Jardin remembers. “But, I also saw Aly & Fila and just thought to myself, ‘I love this! They’re amazing!'”

Jardin was introduced to the production side of electronic music through a friend that was in a popular rave band. He was very instrumental as Jardin’s confidant until his retirement from the music scene. But, through their many hours of Skype conversations and guidance, Jardin’s debut single, February 2016’s, “Mixed Emotions” was signed to Tangled Audio under his full name of Jardin Owens, and Paul van Dyk took notice straight away.


It was also during this time that Jardin was introduced to David Forbes who continued with Jardin’s education process and helped him set up his agreement with 23rd Precinct Music; the record store turned publishing company that handles royalty payments whenever music plays in a public setting. 23rd Precinct Music partners with Notting Hill Music, another major publshing company. David also convinced Jardin only to release future tracks using his first name as it would present itself more favorably marketing wise. “David has helped develop me as an artist and the knowledge he has shared is priceless,” Jardin appreciatively said. “I can’t thank him enough!”

Things were beginning to move quickly for Jardin and a mid-2016 conversation ensued between Paul and Jardin with no pressures other than to provide Paul’s record label, VANDIT music. Jardin obliged with three singles, “Suicide Circus,” “U-Bahn” and “Rise Up.” These releases led to Paul’s invitation to play VANDIT Winter Night in Berlin at the end of 2017 along with Paul and Chris Bekker.

Jardin, in turn, asked Paul for more opportunities to perform live as Jardin has yet to find a suitable booking manager. He was pitched by VANDIT for 2018’s ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) and The Netherland’s Luminosity Beach Festival but was ultimately turned down. With so many artists emerging on the scene, many people don’t understand that this is a business, and although Paul does have a large influence on whom he can recommend, at the end of the day it’s the promoters who are in charge.

Jardin was, however fortunate to have played the March 2019 SHINE launch party at the world famous Ministry of Sound in London, a warmup to the every Thursday, 11-week run at Club Eden in San Antonio, Ibiza. “I wasn’t nervous,” admitted Jardin. “But, I was about to do the switch over from James Cottle, and my soundcard wouldn’t sync to my CDJ. My cords weren’t plugged in properly and had to re-register everything!”

Jardin had a similar experience following Paul. While setting up his equipment about 10 minutes before the switchover, he was afraid that the material on his laptop was erased. After going into his task manager and rebooting on the fly, everything sorted itself out. It’s these learning experiences that are crucial in the development of an artist, and Jardin is eager for his next major opportunity when he plays the August 15 date of SHINE along with heavy-hitters Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani and of course, Paul van Dyk.


All of this, along with numerous mentions and track plays on Paul’s radio show, VONYC Sessions – one of the most successful weekly radio programs currently in production – Paul is doing his part in bringing Jardin along. “He’s (Paul) treating me very well,” Jardin said. “VANDIT is a family where they care about their artists. I can pick up the phone and talk with whomever I need to. You’re just not a catalog number there.” Jardin’s latest Uplifting single, “Future” is slated for a VANDIT release on March 22, 2019 and a follow-up Frank Dueffel collaboration is set for a summer 2019 release after their first track, “Afterlife” dropped this past summer.

Jardin, however, is not exclusive to VANDIT and tells of his third release on
Perfecto Records perhaps sometime in 2019. “I’m talking with Paul (Oakenfold) and we’ll see what happens,” said Jardin.

In closing, Jardin wanted to mention his grandfather who passed away after complications from surgery in 2018 at the age of 83. “I wrote ‘Without You‘ for my papa who was a very nice and humble guy,” described Jardin. “I played that song at Ministry, and it was amazing! It gave me such a good feeling!”

With a very bright future ahead of him, there’s no doubt that Jardin will share more memorable moments, and you better believe that his papa will be along for the ride.

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