Melodies Are Driving LUCIEN Into The Trance Fast Lane

Toronto, Canada’s electronic music scene still favors Techno and EDM genres, but its found a Trance gem with newcomer, Johnathan Carley, a.k.a. LUCIEN.

In comparison to others, LUCIEN’s road to producing Trance began later in life than most, but he’s been continually involved with music in one form or another. “I grew up loving Classical music,” remembered LUCIEN. “In particular, the pure, harmonic style of baroque musical artists like Bach and Vivaldi.” That love carried over with LUCIEN teaching himself the piano at age 16 and playing the trumpet in jazz and concert bands in High School. From there, LUCIEN discovered Eurodance, the 1990s genre that combined Techno and Disco music that later developed into many other forms of electronic music, including Trance.

Trance has taken on many forms since its inception, and LUCIEN’s enjoyment of making melodies finally made him realize that maybe he, too could throw his hat into the Trance ring. “I’ve listened to a lot of Trance and electronic music over the years, and I think my melodies are just as good as anyone’s,” LUCIEN proclaimed. “So, I decided to give it a shot.”


His first track, “Lucidity” was picked up by the Chicago based label, Full On 140 Records in April 2016. “John’s got talent for sure and is a quality guy,” says label owner, Spyridon Karapatakis. “‘Lucidity’ was a great tune that was masterfully crafted.” That track was a taste of what was to come, but LUCIEN is adamant in not conforming to the current mold of releasing a track every month or two. “I want to concentrate on quality, unique melodies instead of a lot of volume,” LUCIEN proclaimed. “I want to create music that people will remember.”

Three years into his hobby, this clean energy technology business developer and a corporate liaison to the newly legalized cannabis industry in Toronto by day, LUCIEN is certainly not opposed to taking his Trance artistry to the next level. “I’m still an unknown, but I feel that if I keep releasing catchy tracks, then the gigs and future successes will come.”

His fifth and latest track, “The Universe” was released on Darren Porter‘s new label, Trancegression Recordings on April 15, 2019. An admirer of Darren’s powerful, uplifting style, LUCIEN feels that the label and his track are headed in a positive direction. “I think Darren is trying to fill a void,” LUCIEN said. “There seems to be a disconnect with the old school, uplifting material that was popular back in the early 2000s, and that style is what I am trying to emulate with my releases.” Moreover, “The Universe” could be the track that catapults LUCIEN from the group of unknowns to a legitimate up-and-comer:

But, LUCIEN stops short of calling releasing Trance music his life’s work. “I do this for the love of the genre,” LUCIEN said. “Trance gives people hope and lifts their emotions when having a bad day. I’m not sure that a lot of EDM does that.” However, what LUCIEN does see with other types of electronic music are possibilities. “I think there’s an opportunity to make music for the festival and club scene, but I also think there’s room for Trance crossover music as well.” LUCIEN cites Omnia as an artist that has broken through with a sound that is Trance based and radio friendly.

“I want to create music that’s not diluted like a lot of today’s pop songs,” declared LUCIEN. “You wouldn’t need to know what Trance is to enjoy it on the radio.” When asked if that means breaking out of the Trance mold, LUCIEN was quick to say, “Then so be it.”


Films are also an important influence with LUCIEN as one of his previous tracks, “The Fellowship” was inspired by Canadian composer and “Lord of the Rings” scorer, Howard Shore. “I was thinking of Howard during the breakdown of that track,” LUCIEN revealed.

In the end, this intelligent, open-minded artist is one to watch in the coming months as he continues to push the boundaries in his music producing process. “Trance music is meant to take you on a journey with the mental, self-imagery of story-telling,” LUCIEN said. “I’m excited to see where it goes!”

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