Glynn Alan Broadens His Trance Boundaries With Perfecto And Beyond

With the advent of Trance music record sub-labels, the boundaries of the genre have evolved immensely over the years, thus giving opportunities for producers to branch out with experimentation to make it the most varied genre in dance music. But, at what point do we put a threshold on what is considered Trance?

“People are always going to complain that Trance isn’t made the way it used to be,” said 37-year-old music producer, Glynn Alan. “But, you can say that for pretty much every genre of music. You know, you could’ve asked the same question ten years ago, and no one would have envisioned the different sub-genres of Trance that there are now.”

With improved technology and easier access to submit demos, the music industry has almost been forced not to pigeonhole itself with the same types of music. “It’s encouraging to see that everyone is following the passion of music in general,” exclaimed the Nuneaton, Warwickshire resident. “It’s a positive that these labels have branched out, and I’m seeing a lot of friends in the industry succeed. It’s fantastic to see!”

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The friends (and family) he refers to have been with Glynn from the beginning. As a child, Glynn would lock himself in his bedroom learning chord progressions and melodies with the keyboard his parents bought for him. Years later came the early signings to labels such as Discover Records, where his tracks were supported by the heavy-weights in the genre, to Daniel Vale‘s Diverted Music, and his time at the nightclub, Trancecoda where he played for a number of years and was made their 2015 resident, Glynn is quick to credit them and others in helping him get to where he is today. “I’ve a lot to thank them for, even my dad who always thought Trance sounded like a car alarm,” Glynn bashfully said. “Since moving on, I’m motivated now more than ever.”

“I’ve always tried to keep my feet on the ground,” said a humble Glynn. “At the end of the day, I’m a little fish in a big ocean,” and stops short of even calling himself a legitimate up-and-comer. “I don’t think about that because I’m afraid my attitude might change. What I do like to do every once in a while is take a step back and think how far I’ve come, but my focus is to stay ahead of the game and focus on the most important element, the music itself.”

When asked what type of music could be classified as his favorite, he was quick to say that he’s not exclusive to one particular genre. “I grew up listening to Marilyn Mansion, Slipknot, and others,” recalled Glynn. “I’d be star struck if I met Marilyn, so you can’t put a finger on my tastes, but you can put your finger on the fact that I just love music!” His varying tastes also come through in his productions, and is one of the reasons why his single, “Break Away” was written, and why Perfecto Records has taken a liking to him this past year.

Like all producers, Glynn feels he has a lot to learn production-wise but feels that his release of “Break Away” was a stepping stone in pushing his own boundaries. “‘Break Away,’ hence the name, was a track unlike any other that I’ve written in my life, admitted Glynn. “It’s not your conventional anything! In the track, I’m trying to break away from the shackles of ‘it’s not good enough’ and let the track decide what is good enough.” And, according to Perfecto, it was good enough and tells an interesting story of how the song was signed.

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“I remember working on two tracks in 2018; “Break Away” and “Origination,” Glynn describes. “They were totally different with varying B.P.M.’s. “Break Away” had more of an emotional feel to it while “Origination” was an uplifting song.” He sent “Origination” to Perfecto artist, Danny Stubbs who directed Glynn to Tariq Ahmed, and he suggested some changes. When it was ready to be sent back, Glynn emailed, “Break Away” by mistake. Long story short, they were both signed, and Glynn took to social media right away and shared the news with everyone.

“Yes, it’s important to stay grounded, but when something like this happens, of course, I’m going to scream about it on social media,” exclaimed Glynn. I don’t blame others who do it, either because there are people I know that have achieved what I want to achieve, and I couldn’t be happier for them telling the world about it!”

A moment of reckoning, though came to Glynn after, “Break Away” when he was asked by Paul (Oakenfold) for a remix of one of his forthcoming releases. “I was worried,” admitted Glynn. “I just by chance had two singles signed, and I wasn’t sure what he (Paul Oakenfold) wanted from me.” That’s when Glynn took a moment and realized that “Look, he’s (Paul) asked me on the back of two of my tracks to do this, so he obviously likes something about my sound.” Glynn continued, “I looked for inspiration from other music, but in the end, I stayed true to myself. That was the key.” The remix turned out to be a hit that Paul has frequently played in a number of his sets – a true joy for Glynn to witness.

Glynn’s live sets, often longer than your standard one hour, are also broad-ranging as he enjoys playing everything from House, Trance, Uplifting, Psy, and everything in between. Glynn wanted to share an example of his diversity, and Trance Farm would like to thank the good folks at On The Sesh for allowing a mix he did for them to be published here:

Courtesy: On The Sesh

With his latest releases, “Enterprise” and “Furtherance,” Glynn now has four originals in a row signed to Perfecto, but he isn’t worried that he’s being compartmentalized by the label. “The reason I’ve gotten this far with the releases on Perfecto is simply the music. I know they have a signature sound, but that’s not what I’m going for when I produce the tracks. That’s the beauty of the sub-labels in that there are many opportunities to have your music signed. I’ve just been lucky to have been signed by the signature label.”

Along with two more remixes for Perfecto, the remainder of 2019 does see Glynn with some new and past labels. A remix on John 00 Fleming’s, JOOF Recordings has been approved coupled with a possible remix for his friends at Discover Records with a local artist that is releasing an album, a remix for Lost Witness, and Glynn is working on what hopes to be his fifth successive Perfecto original.

Glynn Alan has achieved a lot with his years in this business, and with his feet grounded, and staying true to himself, he is definitely one to watch while never forgetting where he came from. “It’s been nothing short of incredible,” said a thankful Glynn. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected any of this.”

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