Terra V. – Pulstar EP

Terra V. has been one of the most productive producers of last year. Top track after top track even resulted in support by trance icons Aly & Fila on their show Future Sound Of Egypt.

After his smashing remix for his last release by Sid GM, Terra V. returns to Legacy Of Trance Recordings with a stunning 3 track EP. Descriptions of the songs are below which will be released May 3, 2019.


The title track is a full blown, fast paced summer trancer! A very tasteful and sundrenched piano melody gets you straight into summer mode. It’s everything one would expect from a new Terra V. track. Crammed with energy and topnotch production.

Nunc Vero:

The second track starts off with a firm driving bassline. Leading up to the break, Terra V. teases the listener with a mesmerizing female vocal. The vocal of a true siren welcomes you into the break. Surrounded by melodramatic stringpads. Building up towards the climax, the track regains it’s power and energy, just before the vocal returns and the track takes off.

DJ Eternity & Terra V. Projekt – Abyss:

As a bonus to this release, the track Abyss by DJ Eternity & Terra V. Projekt is included. This is an uplifting stormer in it’s purest form.

The track takes of straight away. Full of energy, building and building towards the break. The break resembles the abyss. Starting out deep with all the calmth you’d expect at such depth… The more the melody takes off the closer you get to the surface, Breaking the water as the break ends.

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