Isoprospect Will Soon Be On The Playlists Of Many Trance DJs

Three years ago, childhood best friends Samuel Guertin and Phillippe-Payette Racicot were playing solo time slots at Montreal’s South Shore, Awake Festival. Soon after, the two decided to put their talents together and begin a partnership that has quickly garnered them a fair amount of attention.

They formed Isoprospect, and although listed as a duo, it is really the production work of Samuel with Phillippee concentrating more on their social media and DJ’ing skills. “I’m the better producer but a sub-par DJ,” Samuel admitted. “Phillippe is better suited to displaying his DJ skills.”

Having begun his musical journey with metal-core bands, Samuel experienced his first electronic music show in 2013 when Phillippe took him to see Ilan Bluestone. “I was hooked after that,” Sam eagerly said. “I knew right then I wanted to learn how to produce that kind of music.”

Samuel began to teach himself to play the piano and enrolled in Montreal’s Musitechnic Sound Recording School. “I began to learn House music, but I really wanted to learn Trance,” Samuel said. “My classmates said it was too hard, so I set out to prove them wrong.” His countless hours spent learning Ableton in 2015, Samuel thought he was now ready to begin producing and having his music signed. Think again.

“I thought I was ready,” said Sam. “But, obviously, I had a lot to learn.” Three years and 97 demos later with no record deal, Samuel kept pushing on until Emergent Cities caught wind of, “Let Your Fire Out” and signed the single. Although extremely happy to have the song released in October 2018, it received little support.

Alexander Punj, the owner of Newcastle Friends Records, then received a demo for, “Lunar” and signed the track right away. Released in March 2019, and with continual, encouraging updates on the traction of the song, Newcastle has found a diamond in the rough on their new label with Isoprospect. “Even though we’re new, Newcastle has been great to us,” Samuel humbly said. “We couldn’t be happier.”

With a push to have the song played on radio sessions, Alex learned that Above and Beyond had downloaded “Lunar” on a Monday for a Friday play on their weekly radio show, Group Therapy. But, the time passed, and the song wasn’t played. “I thought it was dead at that point,” conceded Samuel. Another week went by, and Samuel received an email from Alex while he was at work saying “Lunar” was being played. “I screamed,” exclaimed Samuel. “I couldn’t believe it!”

The next week the scream happened again when the song was played for a second week. “I had just seen Above & Beyond just two months ago,” said Samuel. “I always thought how cool it would be to have my 10,000 hours of producing pay off by them playing my track, and it did!”

Samuel realizes, though that this is a tiny step in a huge ocean of talent. “Lunar” is not my best effort,” Samuel admitted. “But, I’m honored that a young track like this gained Above & Beyond’s support.”

Continuing their relationship with Newcastle, Isoprospect’s new single, “Noctis” will be released on May 10, 2019, and tells of a stark difference between this and, “Lunar.” “Lunar was finished and signed in one day,” Samuel said. “Noctis is a more mature track with many more layers where you can recognize my true production style.”

With 10-12 ID’s on the shelf ready for submission, Samuel admits that signing to Tritonal’s, Enhanced label is a goal for 2019 along with aspirations of performing live again. “We had a gig lined up on May 25, but it got canceled,” Sam said. “We’re finding it more difficult to play now that we’re signed versus when we weren’t, so we’re actively seeking representation.”

With their motivation at an all-time high, Isoprospect is a name that will soon be on many DJ’s playlists in the very near future.

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