DJ Tip #1: Press Kit – Get It Together

DJ Tip #1: Get your press kit together. It should include a high-resolution promo photo of you (it helps if you have a transparent background), a high-resolution logo, a brief bio (either in Microsoft Word or .TXT file format) of yourself that should include social links. And, if you’re on top of your game, a video loop of your logo. Put all of those materials in a created folder, compress it (zip file) and title it, “DJ name press kit” not “press kit.”

Think of it as a digital business card that you send to an entertainment booking/director or a manager of a club or bar. Not only does this help the booking agent identify you and what they can expect from you, it also creates a more professional image.

Remember back in the day when you would record those mixes and burn them onto a CD-R, then hit the streets or the front door at the club to hand them out to people as they passed you? Those CD labels weren’t left blank. They had your DJ name, your email, your MySpace info, and the title of the mix. We’re talking about creating something similar, but a bit more visual.

Take a look at these examples:

Press Kit Example 2
The Strokes Press Kit
Press Kit Example 2
Lebanjy Bronson Press Kit

The design creativeness is endless, but you want something simple that catches the eye. These work one of two ways: Have them printed on nice, thick card stock with a glossy finish or have them available on your website, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

Once you combine the four items below, you will have created a professional looking press kit to hand out or email. Again, all of this should be in a compressed folder. The better organized it is, the more favorable your brand will be.

  1. High-resolution profile photo
  2. Transparent background of that same photo
  3. Biography in a .txt file format or in a Word document with social links and email
  4. High-resolution logo

Now, get it together.

Side note: You’ll need a program like Adobe Photoshop to put all of this together. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, there’s a program called Gimp that’s free to download.

Devin Chinn

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