Trance Globe Trekker AÏKA Continues To Impress With, “New York”

International man of mystery, AÏKA continues his bid to take over the world one city at a time.

Rocketing into ‘New York,’ he brings all the lights-camera-action drama of the Big Apple with unmistakable European firepower, including an expertly engineered calm before the storm.

Synths scale the heights of the local skyscrapers, and thudding beats tune into the street level hustle and bustle below: ‘New York’ creates the sort of Trance that dreams are made of, and upholds AÏKA’s mantra of “staying true to your North star, no matter what happens.” His next destination better be braced for the incoming whirlwind to come.

AÏKA“Don’t be afraid of being different – be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”

After hitting the heights of ‘Mexico City’ and ‘Buenos Aires,’ ‘New York’ reflects AÏKA’s experience in the game that spans well over a decade, and making the transition from tourist to ambassador for the city that never sleeps. ‘New York’ is the latest stop for his atlas-crossing album, due later this year.

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