SISKIN Aim To Beat The Boys At Their Own Trance Game

One of the most recognizable vocalists in Trance has teamed up with one of the world’s biggest radio producers to shake up gender stereotyping in Trance music. 

With a career spanning over a decade and 40 releases, Sue McLaren has sang alongside Trance heavyweights such as Paul van Dyk, Aly & Fila and Andy Moor, but now she teams up with Suzanne Chesterton to form SISKIN – Not only an alias for the duo to release their own music, but also a project to support women in the scene.

“It’s a very daunting prospect as a young female coming into the industry,” said Sue. “If you look around there’s hardly any women DJ’s or producers appearing on the big Trance line-ups and it can be overwhelming.”

In addition to the songs SISKIN have lined up for release over the next 12 months and tour dates, Sue and Suzanne are planning to launch their own record label and build their own training school. 

“With all our knowledge, contacts and combined industry experience, we really want to help new talent break into the scene,” said Sue.

“If you look at other genres of electronic music there’s a real surge of women coming through at the top, but in Trance it’s not really happened yet. There are so few role models for young women aspiring to become Trance producers or DJ’s and we want to change that.”

Five years ago Suzanne left her career as a Sony Academy Award winning Broadcast Journalist at the BBC and Capital FM in the UK to follow her passion, and work full time in electronic music. 

Since then, she has worked with the likes of Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Dannic and Martin Jensen to produce some of the biggest radio shows in the world.

“I am very fortunate to work alongside some incredible musicians,” said Suzanne. “I’m lucky enough to be immersed in music every day. I’m constantly inspired.”

SISKIN are already receiving worldwide support for their debut release ‘Real Love’ out on 21st of June 2019 on Paul van Dyk’s VANDIT Next Generation.

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