Rene Ablaze & FGH Release Their Visceral New Single, ‘Run’

The always-innovative Rene Ablaze pairs up with French producer, FGH in the soon-to-be classic ‘Run,’ out now on AVA Recordings.

Infectious vocals with a honey-sweet finish are placed perfectly in this song, not overused or underutilized. This is one of those rare ones that I feel would hit just as hard without the lyrics which, given the quality of the vocals, is high praise. What sets this song apart from most other recently released Trance is the efficient way it instills its message- making use of powerful chords and genre-blending bass and kicks – with no hint of anything contrived. The synths in the buildup give the listener the feeling that they should “run” too.

The vague sense of danger communicated with the slightly sinister melody adds energy and emotion to ‘Run,’ as well as awakening a primal response to escape, which for many people directly mirrors their own primal responses to dance. We all need to run sometimes, from our work stress, our ennui, our fights with friends, our complacency. Honest and creative tracks like this one reinforce why I love Trance in the first place: it’s a beautiful escape that simply can’t be matched in other genre.

Katie Lee

Addicted to Trance since 2012 and trying my damndest to make up for lost time. Find me at shows in my hometown of Austin, Texas or where Above & Beyond are. I'm a freelance writer, run a blog called, "Early For The Afterparty," and act as promotions & social media manager for Melodika Music. My face is constantly in my laptop, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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