Tranceform Recordings Announce Limited Edition 50th Release Anniversary USB

As reported back in March, Tranceform Recordings was looking to achieve a first in the dance music industry by offering its signed artists a chance to remix any signed song of their choosing from the label’s catalog.

After some delays with production, label owner, Oliver Cattley announced on Monday, July 8, 2019, that 25 limited edition USB’s will be available for purchase to celebrate the label’s 50th release during their five years of operation.

The USB, which contains 6 hours of exclusive mixes and remixes, is protected by a Tranceform Recordings logo’ed wooden box with a slide top for easy access.

Oliver Cattley discusses the new limited edition Tranceform Recordings USB
Tranceform Recording’s owner Oliver Cattley discusses the new limited edition USB

“We wanted to do something special for our artists and showcase them properly here at Tranceform,” Oliver said in a Facebook Live broadcast. “It’s really important to us because they have spent so much time and energy on their releases. We don’t want them to get lost in the ether of today’s dance music catalogs, so we’re offering this exclusive USB.”

The USB will contain 11 remixes and 5 mixes covering all aspects of Trance from Progressive, Uplifting and Tech.

Artists such as Renegade System and Gayax provide some of the music on the USB giving the listener examples of the full range of talent by Tranceform’s signed artists.

“These tracks encompass the entire genre of Trance and have been mastered beautifully,” Oliver passionately said. “We’ve worked very hard on this.”

Tracks included:

1) Gayax – Reborn (G Coulter Remix)
2) Miles & Dan Audley – Distant-Whispers (Craig Riser Pres Enfortro Remix)
3) Fright Nite – Slowly Comes The Night (Ryan K Remix)
4) David Leek – Emerald Nova (Destia Remix)
5) Gayax – Life Expectancy (Alan Santy Remix)
6) Lost Wonder – Buried Lies (Gayax Remix)
7) Ula – Ultimate (Project OK Remix)
8) Magdelayna – Accessing Your Memories (Lost Wonder Remix)
9) Max Revenge – Pantheon (Jaccob Remix)
10) SettleR vs Cederquist – Emphase (Renegade System Remix)
11) Xian – Equinox (Dave Spinout & Tricky DJ Remix)

Mixes included:

Tranceform Sessions 024 (2016 Showcase Mix)

Tranceform Sessions 050 3hr Exclusive Takeover : Oliver Cattley
Tranceform Sessions 050 3hr Exclusive Takeover : Chris Blaylock
Tranceform Sessions 050 3hr Exclusive Takeover : Northern Trace

Oliver Cattley – Tranceform 50th Release Mix

The limited edition USB’s are available now and have a price point of 20 Euro, but due to varying shipping costs throughout the world, Oliver suggests contacting for a Pay-Pal purchase via:

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