Gravitega – In Focus / The New Day

Legacy Of Trance is proud to provide you the release of two stunning songs by Gravitega entitled, “In Focus” and “The New Day.”

“In Focus” begins with a firm kick. working it’s way to the soothing bassline with the melody brought in shortly thereafter. The track flows into the break were the tension builds towards its release. “In Focus” is a powerful summer trancer that would fit both as a beach session or an early night slot. No matter how you look at it, Gravitega at his finest!

“The New Day” is a heavy-hitter on the B-side of this release. Tech-induced elements take you to the break, were the melody starts to build with Ethereal effects guiding it along the way. This is your laser moment right there! When the beat drops, the hint of voices continue together with the melody until the tech elements return. “The New Day” is a sure-fire breath of fresh air in your peaktime set!

Release date: July 26, 2019

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