LUCIEN Delivers Powerful & Uplifting Pop-Trance Single ‘Stars’

Trance music is experiencing a resurgence and one talent to take note of is Toronto’s LUCIEN. LUCIEN’s releases embody the heart and soul of Uplifting Trance’s roots – with their own edge. LUCIEN’s first foray into music began by teaching himself classical piano and theory starting at the age of 16, knowledge evident in his grasp of composition. Add to that LUCIEN’s long-time love and appreciation of Trance music and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for tracks that tug at your heartstrings and melodies that are truly memorable. In the future expect further releases from LUCIEN that not only hold true to Trance’s club roots, but that also harness radio-friendly elements to expand the reach and enjoyment of the genre into the pop music arena. 

LUCIEN set to self-release new single, "Stars."

About ‘Stars’ LUCIEN returns with a powerful and Uplifting Trance-Pop single ‘Stars’. The first independent single for the artist features an uplifting production, catchy melody, a signature trance driving bassline, an angelic vocal. Undoubtedly, ‘Stars’ combines trance with pop elements to create a perfect crossover arrangement. Moreover, the track merges the best of both genres to make overall an anthem. The arrangement of the single is unique and different from that of other Trance tracks. This track contains anthemic-like instrumentation that will take listeners into an escapade. The uplifting pads and the driving bassline give the ethereal vocal another level of energy. ‘Stars’ has the ability to resonate with any Trance aficionado as it has every element of Trance yet it is suitable for radio due to the unique pop elements and arrangement. ‘Stars’ is available in both a 3 minute 30 second original mix for the airwaves and an “Extended Mix” for the club.

LUCIEN - Stars 
Cover Art 
Available For iTunes Pre-Order July 26, 2019
LUCIEN – Stars
Cover Art
Courtesy: LUCIEN

Release date: August 2, 2019 

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