Man Sentenced To 42 Months For Attempted Drug Sales At Glastonbury 2019

It was over before it actually began.

Shaun Davies, 24, from Liverpool, England was attempting to enter the gate at last month’s Glastonbury Festival held at Worthy Farm, a dairy farm, in Somerset, England.

Upon searching Shaun before entry, festival security found numerous Class A and B scheduled drugs on his person at approximatley 5 a.m. on June 27, 2019. He was arrested for attempting to open a “pop up” drug shop.

Included in the seizure were eight bags of cocaine, seven bags of MDMA, 33 LSD tablets, 0.19g of hallucinogenic DMT, 36 bags of cannabis, and 18.2g of cocaine in a single bag. He was found to also be carrying two cell phones, digital scales, and snap baggies.

Shaun Davies Mugshot

Shaun’s defense attorney, Mark Linehan, said his client had been coerced into selling drugs at the festival by a group of people to whom he had a $6000 drug debt.

Counselor Linehan said: “He was told if he refused to do so action would be taken against him and or his family. He was in a vulnerable state. He agreed to go to Glastonbury with the drugs and he was apprehended before any selling took place. He is remorseful, he has let himself down and his family down.”

Man sentenced to 42 months for attempting to sell drugs at Glastonbury 2019
Festival-Goers Enjoying Glastonbury 2019

Shaun pleaded guilty to possession of drugs with intent to supply on June 27, reports the Bristol Post. It came just 22 days after he was handed a suspended jail term for the same offence in Liverpool.

Judge William Hart jailed Davies for 42 months, which included full activation of the previously suspended 10-month term.

“There is always a grave danger, selling drugs at festivals, that young people who attend will be cajoled or tempted into their first experience of drugs, and so there’s that ready market of vulnerable young people,” Judge Hart said.

There is no word on the whereabouts of the suspected individuals Shaun owed money to.

Man sentenced to 42 months in jail for attempting to sell drugs at Glastonbury 2019
One Tent Remained In This Photo At The Close Of Glastonbury 2019
Credit: Emily Eavis

2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the five-day event that hosts musicians from all genres of music.

Fun fact: Tickets for the inaugural one-day event in 1970 were $1.25.

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