Anjunadeep Mainstays Luttrell & Ben Böhmer Team Up On Whimsical Single, ‘Gibberish’

Luttrell & Ben Böhmer - Gibberish 
Cover Art
Courtesy: Anjunabeats
Luttrell & Ben Böhmer – Gibberish
Courtesy: Anjunadeep

 A swirl of glittering synth progressions and rolling basslines, ‘Gibberish’ comes in hot on the heels of Luttrell’s and Ben Böhmer’s appearances at Anjunadeep Explorations earlier this summer. A regular of the Anjunadeep touring family, Luttrell’s distinct sound has seen him perform at major venues on both sides of the Atlantic. His much-praised debut solo album ‘Into Clouds’, climbed the charts earlier this year and saw praise from the likes of Kölsch, Lane 8, Joris Voorn and BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Pete Tong. Ben Böhmer continues to cement his prodigious stature in 2019, establishing his own Top Töpferei imprint and performing around the world with the likes of Moon Boots, Oliver Smith, 6minus, and Tinlicker. ‘Gibberish’, the duo’s debut collaboration, lands today via Anjunadeep.

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