After Diplo Replaced “Electric Area,” Ascension.FM Brings Trance Back To American Radio

March 22, 2018 saw the end of an era.

After some major reshuffling, Electric Area, a SiriusXM radio station that showcased Trance and Progressive music by some of the world’s top DJ’s was replaced by Diplo’s Revolution, the title of his 2013 EP.

With the rebranding of the channel, SiriusXM and Diplo believed that it could cater to a more widespread audience by offering a different style of electronic music. The program offers artists DJ Snake, Chris Lake and Diplo himself.

Unfortunately, after a year on the airwaves, the current presentation has not reached the success of the Electric Area format it replaced. Some listeners have even created an outcry on the internet for its return. The station’s loyal listeners are citing Diplo’s “more creative” direction, which is a far cry from dance music, as his tribal jungle drum beats sets are often claimed “hard to follow” and feature strange rap lyrics mixed in.

Many well known Trance artists have also publicly voiced their displeasure including Gareth Emery. Taking to Twitter last year, the Southampton, England native said, “Just found out Electric Area has been replaced by the Diplo channel. In other words: America just lost the by far best dance music radio station that they had. I am fucking gutted about this and you should be too.”

However, with the launch of Ascension.FM in 2018, the radio station has rapidly made a mark on the Trance and Progressive scene as the new go-to for up and coming artists in the underground scene. Featuring such artists as Oliver Cattley, Renegade System, and Table 18, Ascension.FM might just be the ticket to pull back what was taken away from Trance lovers by SiriusXM and Diplo.

Ascension.FM Schedule Of Events As Of August 1, 2019
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According to owner, Parker VanSickle, the radio station is accepting new talent and encourages DJ’s to submit material to the email address located below.

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