A Dream Come True For Trance Producer, Cameron Mo; Updates Planet Perfecto Radio Status Without Oakenfold

When you sign to record labels, doors can open for you, without question. Cameron Mo has been fortunate to have achieved what he has with the guidance of Perfecto Records, and on Monday, August 12, 2019, one of those doors that opened, along with a dream, will turn into a reality.

“I was playing a pre-warm up gig in Ibiza with Alex Ryan, RAM, and some other DJ’s. I heard Jorn Van Deynhoven play ORAW‘s remix of Yahel & Tammy’s song, and I was like, ‘Whoa! How cool would it be to collaborate with this guy?'”

A Dream Come True For Trance Artist, Cameron Mo. Working With ORAW (pictured).

The song, “Cloud 9,” would wind up reaching the Top 5 on the Beatport charts, and was supported by practically every Trance DJ on the planet.

Fast forward two years, and the quiet, down to earth Psy-Trance artist with no social media and a flip-phone, contacted Cameron regarding the possibility of such a collaboration. “I was like, fuck me! This guy is getting four tracks played on Planet Perfecto’s radio show. He’s huge!” Cameron continued, “It’s a shame he’s not getting the attention he deserves because of his lack of a social media presence. His tracks get played by a lot of top DJ’s.”

ORAW initially offered Cameron the opportunity to travel to Greece and work on a track for a couple of days, but due to Cameron’s prior commitments, the two settled for an email thread. After a couple of weeks, “Rainbow” was born, and Cameron couldn’t be happier. “When I sent it to Perfecto, Tariq Ahmed, one of the label’s A&R, signed it straight away to Perfecto Flouro,” said a cheerful Cameron. “It was a dream come true.”

ORAW & Cameron Mo – Rainbow
Courtesy: Cameron Mo YouTube Channel

On The Perfecto front, specifically Planet Perfecto Radio, the weekly broadcast will still air but with California resident, Swedish Egil at the helm in lieu of Paul’s hiatus. The Trance DJ, who is responsible for bringing e-music to radio stations and a current Sirius XM host, is a friend of the label.

When Trance Farm spoke with Paul back in May, he was adamant about being fortunate enough to still play the world’s top venues but was also focused on lessening his extensive touring schedule.

“We’re kind of in a holding pattern right now with Perfecto,” Cameron revealed. “I am very appreciative of the love and support from the Perfecto Headquarters, especially the A&R people, thus far in my career. I know the label has been a big supporter of myself and your publication, Trance Farm, and I wish Paul all the best and hope to see him soon!”

We at Trance Farm second those sentiments.

In the meantime, Cameron has many more releases due in late 2019 on into 2020, and the future looks bright for this rising producer.

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