Poll: 27% Of Londoners Don’t Know How To Customize Their Social Media Privacy Settings

As reported by The Evening Standard, Facebook will open five pop-up cafés across London to help users with their privacy settings. The social media company will offer patrons free drinks as an incentive to pop in.

The Facebook Café will be a pop-up coffee shop located inside The Attendant on Great Eastern Street and will be open on August 28 and 29.

The London outpost will be one of five Facebook Café’s popping up across the UK between August 28 and September 5 to help encourage Brits to run simple privacy check-ups.

The initiative comes after a Facebook-commissioned survey found that 27% of Londoners don’t know how to customize their social media privacy settings.

Privacy has been at the forefront of Facebook’s ethos after the Cambridge Analytica scandal saw the tech giant allegedly mishandle user data.

Just last month the US Financial Trade Commission announced it is looking to fine Facebook $5B for its privacy violations.

An investigation by Bloomberg found that the company had paid hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe audio clips people made using Facebook Messenger – fuelling the long-held conspiracy theory that Facebook is listening to us through our phones.

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H/T Evening Standard / Social Media Today

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