Artist Spotlight: Terra V.

Residing in Saarland, Germany, the 40-something year-old Terra V. has been DJing since the late ’90s.

Growing weary of playing other artists music, Terra V. decided it was his turn to take the production reigns and teamed up with Roger Shah in 2009 for his first release, “Spirit Of Joy.”

The Hard Dance / Techno track would introduce him to the world of producing releases on the Blutonium Records label for the next six years.

But, his love of melodies and the uplifting sound encouraged Terra V. to move away from Techno and begin his journey into the more demanding production style of Trance.

German Trance music producer, Terra V., gives a brief insight to his ten year career.
Terra V.

Releasing many of his songs on Barry Xwood’s Legacy Of Trance label, Terra V. is pleased with how he has brought him along but admits that he cannot commit to any particular label at the moment.

Now, with 20 releases to his credit, Terra V. takes his Trance productions to another level by collaborating with Jenny Svensson for the Pegasus Music release, “Bridge Of Promises.”

The German loves what he does, and holds no specific plans for the future, but rest assured that this up-and-coming music producer is one to watch for the ending months of 2019 and into 2020.

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