Armin van Buuren vs. Tempo Giusto – Mr. Navigator

Mr. Navigator” is one of the proper heavy-hitters from Armin van Buuren’s new upcoming album “Balance”.

Armin has been playing this one all summer-long on the major mainstages in the world, and the crowds have absolutely loved the energy.

Having already wrecked the biggest mainstages in the world prior to its release, ‘Mr. Navigator’ is one of the most highly anticipated stadium stompers coming from Armin van Buuren’s ‘BALANCE’ album.

Ahead of his album, "Balance," Armin van Buuren releases, "Mr. Navigator."
Armin van Buuren

Crafted up in tandem with Finnish Tech Trance king Tempo Giusto, this monster track hits so hard you’ll be fist-pumping right, left and center.

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