Read: Terra V. To Release, “Dreamcatcher,” A Stunning Four-Song EP

One of the rising stars within the Trance scene, Terra V., returns to Legacy Of Trance for yet another stunning release with no less than 4 Trance masterpieces. Here’s a summary:

Dreamcatcher is the digital ‘A-side’ track. Building towards the break, Terra V. hints towards a angelic vocal. Building up the tension towards the actual full vocal, the break arrives. Massive stringpads and the awaited vocal are giving you goosebumps right away. After the melody explodes, Terra V. brings it back down using an emotional piano before building towards the climax.

Terra V. To Release, "Dreamcatcher," A Stunning Four-Song EP
Terra V.

Loop driver has been showcased in Terra V.’s guestmix for our LOTPOD series at the begining of 2019. This track breathes the vibe of yesteryears Trance. The bassline is a rolling but subtle one. Also, are hints of vocals that lead towards the break. An elfish vocal lifts you up just before a thick pumping drops, and while doing so, turning this track into a peak time Trancer.

Emotional Abyss is heavy on the bassline and holds no prisoners.
All the classic Terra V. ingredients are here. The tension building, crystal clear sounds, and the emotions that make you spine tingle. Terra V. really dives into the depths of emotions here – like a real Jacques Cousteau, all the way down. And, when he comes up again, the light starts to shine again.

To Save Time starts with a nice acidic topline over the start of the track before we welcome the bassline. The melody gets introduced in a refined way as it sneaks into the forfront of the track leading up to the break.
To Save Time is the 3rd vocal track on this powerful release. Not losing any power on the vocal or the production, Terra V. shows us again where he’s made off.

Release date: September 27, 2019

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