The Breakdown: Sean Matthews Finds Clarity with Latest FSOE Release

Try to think back on the moment you fell in love with Trance; chances are, you fell hard. Raw emotion is what guides this genre, and it is what guides this release as well. Sean Matthews’ striking ‘Claire,’ out now on Future Sounds of Egypt, feels nostalgic in the truest sense. In form, it features a classic pulsating beat and short, precise arps; in function, it beckons your most vivid memories, painful or sweet or both, and envelops you in them.

‘Claire’ is an immediate standout, as it acts in the way that all art should: it evokes an emotional response that is personalized per listener. And somehow, you could still play it at the club. THAT is art! Sean was kind enough to reveal a bit of his process for Trance Farm.

The listening experience of ‘Claire’ is full of emotion; it’s melancholy, but just when your heart starts to ache, it lifts you with ethereal energy. What inspired ‘Claire’?

My inspiration for this track was my Mum, I actually finished ‘Cote d’Azur‘ just before I wrote this, so I was heavily inspired to write meaningful tracks as France and the Côte d’Azur region was one of her favorite places to visit. ‘Claire’ is a reflection of her character. She loved visiting these beautiful places, taking in her surroundings. I have fond images in my head of her smiling in the summer sunsets.

DJ Sean Matthews and his late mother, Claire. He breaks down the song he wrote for her at
Matthew soaking up smiles with his mum

Was there a moment during production when you felt it all coming together? 

That’s an easy one. I think it was when I added the guitar. It just made it complete; that’s when I knew I definitely had to name it after my mum.

Is this because she played guitar? Or did it just feel like her? 

It was the vibe; it just felt like her; it reflects her in every way. The power of one’s smile can speak volumes. 

Do you play any instruments? I noticed that beautiful guitar in there. 

I play piano and keyboard, I don’t play guitar sadly, but never say never. My older brother is an excellent guitarist, so hopefully, I will do some stuff with him in the future. 

Sean Matthews breaks down, "Claire," a track dedicated to his late mother.
Sean Matthews

Speaking of the future: what’s next for you?

I’ve got another FSOE release in the pipeline before the end of the year, and I’ve just signed another two tracks with them on top of that. If you were at Aly & Fila’s most recent open-to-close set, you would have heard a new ID from me. Other than that, there’s a remix on the way, and I’m hoping to sign some more with Armin Van Buuren down the line.

How did it feel to have Cote d’Azure featured on Armin’s ASOT Ibiza 2019? Are you happy with the trajectory you’re on?

I honestly am so honored to have finally landed a track on one of his compilations; it’s a dream come true. I’m thrilled with how well it’s all going. I just take things as they come and keep smiling.

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