Alex Wright: “I Feel Like I’m Making An Album With My New Releases”

“It was a slow burn from the age of 10 up until I was 12 that I started to get a taste for it. None of my other friends understood dance music, but it resonated with me in a way that nothing else had.”

25-year old producer, Alex Wright, remembers that fond moment of when the Trance bug hit. Watching YouTube videos of TiĆ«sto and “seeing the crazy gigs he was playing” prompted Alex to wonder what it would take to get there. “I would listen to Gouryella and try to emulate the sounds on my crappy little Dance DJ game I had. I thought that’s how the music was made,” said a laughing Alex.

Quickly realizing the device wasn’t the proper tool for creating dance music, Alex settled in with FL Studio (he still uses it to this day) and began to produce, at times, spending days on end alone in his bedroom from 2007-2009. “I was secluded, but was still enjoying what I was doing,” admitted Alex. “You can still hear some of those early, terrible tracks on YouTube!”

Alex Wright gives a quick look into his past, present, and future.
Alex Wright

In 2010, Alex saw an advertisement from Discover Records regarding a new CD the label was putting together for UK artists. Seeing this as an opportunity, Alex sent a demo of, “Here For Good,” and learned that it was the label’s favorite track for the “Global Trance UK” compilation album. “I was 16 when I released that,” said Alex. “That was my goal. I saw that some other guys were releasing at that age and I wanted to compete with that.”

Having succeeded with that initial target, Alex released, “Here For Good,” as a single with another B-side, “Just Cause,” which earned a valuable spot in DJ Mag. He went on to release the 2012 EP, “By Chance,” which showcased three songs he had produced between 2010-2011.

Then, all of a sudden, it ended.

“I was losing inspiration,” admitted Alex. “I was getting depressed from being inside so much doing the same thing over and over again. I wasn’t growing as a person; I lost touch, and didn’t know to improve.” But, things would improve for Alex. Attending a local university, he began to refocus his efforts by rediscovering Trance records from the beginning of the genre. “I’ve collected a lot of vinyl over the years,” said Alex. “I’ve hundreds of them, so I would DJ with them on my turntables getting comfortable with mixing vinyl.”

Still, without direction, Alex sought solace in hosting a late-night college radio show on Demon FM during his last year in school. “That’s where the “Trance Encounters” name came from,” revealed Alex. “And, that’s what got me inspired to get back into Trance properly.” After nearly four years, and nearing its 100th episode, Trance Encounters is now one of the more popular Trance radio shows on the internet. “I enjoy doing it,” said an enthusiastic Alex. “I listened religiously to, “Trance Around The World,” with Above & Beyond and the duo would give information on the DJs and what they’re up to. I wanted to follow that format.”

DJ Alex Wright talks with Trance Farm about his life.
Alex Wright

With his radio show underway, Alex began to again take an interest with music production in 2015. Along with many self-releases, Alex grew a list of clients and offered his services to those people in need of engineering and production work. His pinnacle year, 2018, saw him working full-time, but the older and wiser Alex knew that it was taking an enormous strain on his well-being. “Music isn’t a set schedule for me,” Alex said. “I was struggling to structure my days. You never know how long it’s going to take with a client or have the right idea and I suffered through many sleepless nights.” With this said, Alex is quick to credit Liam Wilson and his extraordinary talents by maintaining a full-time workload. “I still enjoy it, but I just can’t do it day in and day out like Liam can.”

To supplement his time, Alex has begun to work with Audio Books by lending his production talents in creating and editing audio novels. “I’m much happier,” Alex proudly said. “I’ve moved out on my own, and I’ve been working on a lot of new music.” Known for his Melodic Uplifting style, the newly rejuvenated Alex is steadfast when saying he’s no longer pigeonholed to a particular style. “It’s not one style that I’ll be releasing. Labels are asking me to provide Progressive and even Tribal sounds, so it’s going to be an exciting next six months,” declared Alex. “There’s so much variety coming with different moods, influences, and tempos that I feel I’m making an album with my new releases!”

In addition to producing, Alex is a partner with the promotions company, Cuckoo Trance Events. Seen as one of the up-and-coming brands in the Nottingham area, Cuckoo is making a name for themselves with their now signature bird masks that club-goers proudly wear to the giant bird mascot that hangs from the ceiling. “There are many Trance events in England that don’t have a theme,” Alex proclaimed. “We didn’t want to go down that road. When Paul (Weston) came up with the name, we thought it was good, and that bird looks pretty cool, too!”

DJ Alex Wright is a partner in the English upstart promotions company, Cuckoo Trance Events.
Club-goers enjoying A Cuckoo Trance Event

With each event they present to club-goers, the brand continues to provide more entertaining factors for all to enjoy. “We try to cover all areas on what people want to make them return,” said Alex. “We don’t want to break the bank, but we’re definitely growing!”

The future looks bright for the well-matured Alex, and with his hands in the right cookie jars, he’s happier now more than ever. “I’ve developed my own taste these days, and I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way.”

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