The Breakdown: Darkness Abounds In Bedroom Logic & Polarfield’s ‘Nocturnal’

When the sun goes down, reality is rearranged. The night owls among us know that with darkness comes a certain energy that can’t be found in the light. Bedroom Logic & Polarfield‘s new release ‘Nocturnal,’ on Elliptical Sun Recordings, perfectly captures that energy, but it’s nothing you’ve heard before. This track celebrates flipping expectations on their heads right from the start. Hardcore bass and synths cut through the beginning beats, but are met with a melody so ethereal you almost forget the intensity it began with. But you can’t forget, because, within the sweet sounds of the breakdown, that indescribable night-time energy lingers.

Sophisticated music doesn’t spoon-feed its intended emotional response to you. Instead, it creates a hunger that you will spend a lifetime trying to satiate. ‘Nocturnal’ has the substance and freshness to awaken something in listeners without demanding it from them. The guys dug deeper into their production process and inspiration for ‘Nocturnal’ with us at Trance Farm. To those of you who are looking to freshen up your sound: take note.

Bedroom Logic & Polarfield – Nocturnal
Courtesy: Elliptical Sun Recordings

“What inspired the bassline?

PF: I was trying to experiment with an instrumental breakdown, and it was just one of those sessions where it came together. I sent it to Bedroom Logic, and we quickly realized that we have to see this one through to the end.

BL: We had been bouncing ideas off for a long time but hadn’t followed through, but when I heard the melody, I knew we had to finish it. We’re bringing all the energy and that beautiful breakdown.

You both contributed different energies and emotions to this track. How do you think those elements reflect your personalities?

BL: So, I created the bassline. As a person, I’m not super outgoing. I like I try to appreciate subtleties and specific moments in life, and try to take in simpler things. A kind of ‘less is more’ attitude. It doesn’t always have to be a huge extravagant thing to be fun or worthwhile. My insane perfectionism might also be relevant to how I approach the mixing and the latter half of production. We went through, like, ten iterations of this project before we finally settled on this final version.

PF: I wish I could say I was the counter to that, but I’m all about perfection too, and I don’t reach it 99.99% of the time, so it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

Bedroom Logic & Polarfield's 'Nocturnal'
Bedroom Logic

Are you happy with it now?

PF: I’m happy with it. Like the breakdown is experimental and felt good. Sometimes when I’m writing something, I feel nice and peaceful at that moment. It was night-time when I wrote this, and I was awake, and I channeled the calm and peace that I was feeling at that moment.

PF: But I’m with him about the stark contrast with the bassline. I just tried to apply a bit of peace and evocativeness. I try to aim for ‘otherworldly.’

Who are your main influences for this sound?

PF: Andrew Bayer, he’s just so creative and always raises the bar. His bass lines are ridiculous, and if it’s not the bassline, it’s the breakdown. Above & Beyond, of course, Ilan Bluestone, Sunny Lax are influencing when it comes to producing specifically. I love film scores, as well.

Fave scores:

PF: The score for the Revenant. He had just beaten throat cancer, so he was on another level, like ‘I have to do this in my lifetime,’ and it’s just on another level. Musical: Schiller, he performs with a live band, so it’s full instrumentation so to see how he makes these massive instruments with these pretty basic instruments. I always try to think of ways to implement real or acoustic instruments

BL: Anything by Thomas Newman, American Beauty, Meet Joe Black, or even in Finding Nemo, I’ll be watching some stupid scene, and I’m on the couch having a moment, it’s so beautiful. Anthony Gonzales from m83 did the score for Oblivion.

Polarfield & Bedroom Logic's, 'Nocturnal'

Any acoustic elements in this track that I missed?

BL: Strings, violins. We both tend to utilize natural piano a lot and start from that point. With this one, though, we were trying to come up with a big club sound, so we translated it into that realm.

PF: Yeah, I think in the future, we will do a lot more acoustic elements together.

Are you doing anything in the future together?

BL: my monthly mix Volumes on Mixcloud, stay tuned for more releases on ESR, and be on the lookout for another collab from us in the not too distant future!

PF: Keep an eye peeled for my future seasonal mixes (aiming for the first to be around the start of winter!) And also trying to get my first solo single ironed out before label pitch. I can’t wait for a follow-up collab with Jay as well!

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