The Interesting Story Of Richard Lowe’s New Song – Razorback

Irish Trance producer, Richard Lowe, is back!

We recently caught up with Richard, and he gave a brief description on his new track, ‘Razorback.’

“Basically, the story behind Razorback goes back to when I lived and worked in Australia,” Richard remembers.

Article: Richard Lowe discusses his new single, "Razorback."
Richard Lowe

“I was working for a farmer in the Northern territory of Australia and he kept 4 feral hogs (Razorbacks). One of the hogs was named, Boris. And, fuck me, mate, he was a huge, nasty, mean pig! I was afraid as shit of him. Anytime I’d go to feed him or fix the fence, Boris would make a go at me!”

Richard continued, “It all came together one day as I was watching the Australian movie, “Razorback,” where a big pig like Boris attacked and killed a husband and wife. All of a sudden, viola! Boom, the inspiration kicked in and the song was born!”

The song is as lethal as Boris. a Tech-driving, no-holds barred, mind eraser.

‘Razorback’ is available now courtesy of Aria Digital Recordings.

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