Trance-Based Radio Station Ascension.FM Is Looking For New Residents; Looks To Compete With AH.FM

When Diplo’s Revolution took over the electronic music airways at SiriusXM in March 2018, it left many wondering if the popular Trance format of Electric Area would return to form.

While not on SiriusXM, and as reported earlier this year, there is a new internet radio station that is gaining traction in Ascension.FM.

Launched on November 1, 2018, Parker VanSickle‘s vision for the United States licensed Trance-based radio station was sold to Tom Bradshaw and Katy Kory in September 2019. Since the transition, Ascension.FM has kept the Trance-based format but has transferred its broadcasting license to the United Kingdom. In doing so, the programming timetable on the newly revamped, and still under construction, Ascension.FM website is UK time-based.

Ascension.FM currently hosts radio mix programs from owners Tom and Katy along with Tranceform record label owner, Oliver Cattley, as well as artists from the Intricacy brand, Vlind, Dustin Hussain, and DJs Chris Blackburn and Jason Kinetic, to name a few.

Article: Vlind is one of the stars on new internet radio station, Ascension.FM

“We cater to all types of Trance,” said owner Katy. “Everything from the more mainstream sound of Armin van Buuren to Psy-Trance, Tech-Trance, Progressive, and Uplifting. Everyone has their preference, so we try to fill the station where we have a mixture that everyone can enjoy.”

For aspiring and accomplished DJs, Ascension.FM is free to join. The simple Google-based application form located on the station’s website allows hopefuls to select their potential time slot and frequency while submitting a sample of their work.

Once the accepted DJs are uploading their .mp3 shows consistently to their time slots with the proper metadata such as the name and genre of the program, “the station should run itself,” according to Katy.

She continued, “Many stations don’t allow DJs to schedule their show when uploading. By doing this, we’ve given control to the DJ eliminating any question of the file not being received, thereby eliminating our chasing down DJs and allowing Tom and me more time with the continued improvements to the website and promotion of the brand.”

And, while there is no length of service contract for the DJ to sign, the station has implemented a three strike policy for DJs who don’t upload their shows on the agreed time frame. “We’re all human, and issues arise outside of music that are beyond our control,” explained Katy. “But, after a DJ fails to upload their show three times in timely manner, we consider them no longer affiliated with Ascension.FM.”

With the growing popularity of streaming-based, podcast-type radio programs, Ascension.FM is set to pull listeners back to the internet in a big way. Announced earlier this week, the radio station will be simulcasting Paul van Dyk’s “VONYC Sessions,” Rich Solarstone’s, “Pure Trance Radio,” Eddie Halliwell’s, “Fire It Up Radio,” and Transmission Radio beginning November 16, 2019.

Courtesy: Ascension.FM

Also soon is, “Together As One.” According to Katy, “Together as One is an event during the holiday season between Christmas and New Year. We want to come together for one last Trance blow-out before the year is out. We have names like XiJaro & Pitch, Eric Senn, Sean Mathews, Bogdan Vix, and Ori Uplift on the lineup.”

“Our goal right now is to get listeners on board,” said Katy. “Moving forward, our biggest competitor will be AH.FM, but our platform is free to join.”

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