Gatecrasher DJ Who Allegedly Assaulted Booking Agent Tells A Different Story; Is Released From Management Group

Since reporting the December 28, 2019, incident at Area Sheffield during the promotions brand Gatecrasher‘s year-end White Party event; new revelations have emerged.

Rick Power, the owner of Synergy Artist Management, alleged that his represented artist, Scott Bond, who is also the co-founder of Gatecrasher promotions, assaulted him along with Scott’s friend, Ian Wells. Rick claimed that Gatecrasher owed another of his represented artists, Signum (Ronald Hagen), monies before his scheduled set.

New allegations emerge following Gatecrasher incident.
Rick Power

On December 31, 2019, Scott issued a Facebook statement categorically denying he or Ian assaulted Rick and said that Rick was the instigator of the incident in the venue’s green room.

According to his statement, Scott said that Rick is “usually very measured but he was not himself” and sent numerous text messages throughout the day of the evening’s event, expressing that “I’m not fucking about tonight.” Scott says Rick also called him “screaming down the phone.”

Scott then said that Rick “had been throwing his weight around from the moment he entered Area (Sheffield) and eventually forced his way into the cash office within the venue.” There, he is claimed to have assaulted a lone promotions employee, Gary Howard, after “violently smashing bottles on a desk.” Then, Scott said he saw Rick for the first time after the incidents mentioned above in the green room as he had just finished at midnight his scheduled set in Arena 1.

Scott states there were four people in the room, including himself. Chatting with Ian and friend, Nick Parkinson, Scott said that he “heard behind me a man storm into the green room, shouting my direction, ‘You, outside now!'” After trying to subdue Rick, then breaking free, Ian intervened, and according to Scott, Rick attacked Ian after shouting, “Do you want some as well?” The statement also reads that Nick sustained rib injuries trying to restrain Rick, who suffered a “bruise/abrasion to his face” and was offered medical attention but refused. Rick then was apparently escorted out of the venue by security.

Scott also denies that Ronald (Signum) nor Sasha Vatoff of the DJ duo, Binary Finary saw the incident. He also said that Sasha, who was confirmed by Trance Farm to be performing alone that night, was on stage in Arena 2 during the incident.

Courtesy: Scott Bond Facebook

On December 31, 2019, Synergy Artist Management issued a statement releasing Scott from their roster and said that all other represented artists would no longer be booked to play Gatecrasher events. The management group went on to say that Gatecrasher “continues to owe fees for previous appearances by its artists.”

Courtesy: Synergy Artist Management Facebook

Scott countered with his account per his involvement with Synergy by saying that their relationship had “deteriorated into one of confrontation and aggression,” and he “had become suspicious that fees charged were different to declared fees to me as the artist performing.” Scott stated that he challenged Rick’s practices and “repeatedly asked for copies of my DJ contracts to which he (Rick) replied, ‘You’re in no position to ask for contracts or anything.'” Scott claims he never received copies of the contracts from Rick but has received copies from promoters and “discovered that the contracted fees were different to the ones provided to me.”

This is a developing story.

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  1. I’ve heard from several Trance DJ’s that Bond is a premadonna that uses ghost producers and then treats them like shit.

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