Starpicker & Nikolauss – Schiphol

Starting the year with a very special one: Nikolauss and Starpicker just released their new collaboration and first track of 2020 called Schiphol, with Regenerate Records.  

The classic ‘Mind your step” inspired the whole journey. As all Trance lovers in the world know, it’s the most heard advice we encounter on our travels in and out of Amsterdam airport as you step off the rolling transport band. The guys first explored the idea of the track last summer when they were waiting for a flight back home after the Luminosity Beach Festival. “Mind your step” made the wait a lot more productive than expected, and it took only a couple of days to start the work on it.  

A first version of the track was tested at Untold Festival (Cluj). And seeing the crowd go wild on it, made them go back in the studio, work on it some more and later on, pitch it to Sean Tyas and Activa. Suffice to say, Sean was instantly hooked and decided he wants it for Regenerate.  

Schiphol - out now
Nikolauss (l) & Starpicker (r)

Romanian masterminds Starpicker & Nikolauss have been mainstays in label head Sean Tyas’ radio shows and DJ sets for years now, and it was only a matter of time before they came to Regenerate to bring them something special. Appropriately debuted at VII Amsterdam recently, this is a proper heads-down stormer with such a cheeky nod to what anyone who knows Schiphol Airport’s ambiance only too well.  

The track is already climbing its way into Beatport’s Trance Top 100, getting to 41 only two days after release day. And good feedback never stops coming. “Mind your step” is already in Trance traveler’s minds, and it’s there to stay for a while.  

“Schiphol” – the saga dedicated an airport who deserved his own anthem is out now and available here:  

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