Anjunabeats Artist Spencer Brown’s Album “Stream Of Consciousness” Debuts At #1

Stream Of Consciousness,” the sophomore LP effort from San Francisco based Spencer Brown, debuted today at number 1 on the Beatport charts.

The mix album, which encompasses Spencer’s love of Deep House, Progressive, and Trance took months to complete with over 300 revisions, was Spencer’s work with no outside involvement from other producers or engineers.

Spencer will embark on an 11-week North American tour in support of the album beginning on February 7, 2020, in Colorado and will conclude April 25, 2020, in Texas.

According to his Facebook post, Spencer is relived yet thrilled at the outcome:

"Stream Of Consciousness" Debuts At #1
Courtesy: Spencer Brown Facebook

“Absolutely thrilled to announce that my second mix-album, ‘Stream of Consciousness,’ is out now. And it’s already hit #1!!!! Over 300 versions and many years of work. I produced and mixed 100% of the final product—no external help. It’s an hour and change of continuous music, so it’s perfect for studying, working, driving, traveling, running…any flowstate activity. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tire out during the process. I did. The final few months of mixing my album, I felt as though I couldn’t be myself until the album was done. The 20 times I thought the album was done, I’d make some major change that would require a ton of extra work. I was starting to lose my mind and was becoming moderately depressed. Thankfully once I finished the final product, the stressed-and-depressed headspace faded rather quickly. 

Taking a step back, I’m incredibly grateful that I have a career creating exactly what I want to create. I want to create bodies of work that keep you in flowstate. Dance music has gravitated toward blasting radio-edited singles on streaming platforms. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it’s simply not the way I want to present my art. It’s certainly a mental challenge getting over the fact that if I play ‘the game,’ I may get more streams/popularity. But I’d rather make exactly what I want to make and have my work deeply resonate with loving fans. I’m so thankful I have a team and label who sees eye-to-eye with my vision.

One final thank you to you all. My dream has come true, creating what I want to create. And living off my art. I never take this for granted. Ever. I’m so happy it’s resonating with all of you.

Much love and happy listening,


“Stream Of Consciousness” is available now courtesy of Anjunabeats.

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