Listen: Andrew Rayel Celebrates 200 Episodes Of Find Your Harmony With ‘Light Side Of The Harmony’

Reaching the magical number of 200 radio show episodes is quite the milestone, and such an achievement ought to be celebrated in style. True to form, that’s exactly what Andrew Rayel set out to do. With less than a month to go before the launch of his FYH200 celebration show in Avant Garden in Brooklyn, NYC, Andrew Rayel launched the first half of the show’s official anthem: ‘Light Side Of The Harmony.’

"Light Side Of Harmony"
Andrew Rayel

Listen to Andrew Rayel – Light Side Of The Harmony

As the unmistakable, stadium-quivering anthem of Find Your Harmony 200, Andrew Rayel’s ‘Light Side Of The Harmony’ dwells between the dark and light to offer up the best of both worlds. Juggling rough bass-driven parts with the innate musical brilliance its creator is known for, this track pushes fans over the edge and into a perfect equilibrium.

“They say age is just a number, but it also reflects on the wisdom and the success someone has had throughout that time… To me, 200 episodes of Find Your Harmony is a reminder of what an amazing journey it has been and how time has flown by. Reaching such an incredible milestone of weekly music and fan interaction has me over the moon, and I owe it all to my amazing fans.

Andrew Rayel

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