Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Indestructible

Hold your breath for this one!

Having shared a life together through song title and lyric (not least ‘Breathe Me To Life,’ ‘You & I,’ ‘Universe Is Mine’ & ‘Muse’), soul mates Markus Schulz & Adina Butar open another chapter today.

Their first on-the-record since the ‘We Are The Light’-based ‘Breathe Me To Life,’ ‘Indestructible‘s sentiments couldn’t be any clearer, nor its sonic chemistry more evident. 

For his part in this consummate two-hander, Markus conspires club floor uproar at every production turn and twist. Marching drums, tech resonance, percussive crunch and bursts of call-and-response distortion all surge through ‘Indestructible’s system. In the drop, he cracks the door to some lighter tones, raining down the pianoforte and overturing Adina’s heart-on-sleeve, but no-punches-pulled song.

Markus Schulz

Touching on the themes familiar to most, Adina contemplates not only love’s nature, but also what it takes to make it survive and thrive. Post-break, through an uprush of b-line power, pitch flame and big synth glory, Markus answers that call.

Anita Butar

Living both through and for the music, ‘Indestructible’ presents another window into Markus Schulz & Adina Butar’s shared world.

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