Ferry Corsten: “Many Times Sander van Doorn And I Have Discussed A Collaboration Over The Years.”

After closing out the year with Gabriel & Dresden collaboration ‘I Am You,’ Ferry Corsten wastes no time in carrying on the UNITY project with his first release of 2020, drafting in fellow trance pioneer Sander van Doorn under his Purple Haze moniker for their first collaboration, ‘Flanging.’

With both artists’ careers spanning decades, their paths crossing countless times across all continents, a collaboration between the pair is long overdue, and during a period where both continue to experiment creatively with sounds and push the boundaries sonically, it’s the perfect time for the combination, and ‘Flanging’ is testament to this aligning of the stars.

Ferry Corsten

A heavy kick drum and sub bass get the track rolling, quickly joined by a low mid synth that is layered over the sub. A distorted synth melody glides from note to note, slowing down to make way for a heavily reverb’ed vocal and anthemic arpeggiated lead as both musical accents weave intricately before stripping back during the drop, making full use of the flanger effect that gives the single its name. 

“Many times Sander and I have discussed a collaboration over the years. Always being too busy and too focused on other things, it never happened. Until now. We finally sat down and flushed out this banger of a track called “Flanging.” I am very excited to bring this latest UNITY collaboration into the world.”

Ferry Corsten

On his involvement with the UNITY project and ‘Flanging,’ Sander van Doorn said, “After so many years talking about it, we finally ended up in the studio. It was a real treat working with Ferry and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Best of both worlds!”

Listen to Purple Haze & Ferry Corsten – Flanging

With previous UNITY releases coming in the form of collaborations with the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Ilan Bluestone, BT and most recently Gabriel & Dresden, Ferry continues to make the most of his connections within the trance world with the latest outing. Uniting the community for a better cause, proceeds from UNITY releases are donated to VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, an organization launched to reinstate music programs in public schools, which to date has raised over $53 million and helped over 2,100 public schools.

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