Andy Moor Wants To Have Some Fun With You

Trance artist and AVA Recordings label head, Andy Moor, is reaching out to people for a fun, collaborative project.

The Stoke on Trent resident said in a Facebook post that anyone is welcome to record audio sounds, preferably in the key of A minor, and send them to be included in a new album.

“Upload your audio to any cloud service, send the link in (Facebook post) comments or DM me on Instagram with your email address,” the popular artist said. “Everyone will get their sound used (in some context) and I’ll video the process.”

Courtesy: Andy Moor Facebook

The project comes on the heels of the current pandemic, and is a way for Andy to connect with his fans in a personal, entertaining way.

So, if you’re like many, and not working your job, this should be a neat little project to pass the time.

“Stay safe, as this will be fun,” he said

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