Luminosity Beach Festival To Give Options If Patrons Can Not Attend

The June 25-28, 2020, Luminosity Beach Festival is still scheduled to take place on Zandvoort Beach at Beachclub Bernie’s in Zandvoort, Netherlands.

The annual outdoor event is a favorite for Trance music fans as over 100 DJs from across the globe are slated to perform.

However, with the growing concerns of the current pandemic, event organizer Bo van Eck released a statement declaring that although the event is over three months away, some provisions may be taken if patrons of the festival are unable to attend.

Citing potential continued travel bans or an all-out cancellation of the festival, Bo has simply stated that if ticket holders cannot attend the event based on these reasons, refunds will be given or new tickets will be issued to current holders for the next event.

Courtesy: Bo van Eck Facebook

Bo went on to say, “I don’t expect the travel ban will be in place for more than 3 months.”

Courtesy: Bo van Eck

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