Nikolauss Remixes Two Of Sean Tyas’ Songs – ‘Now You See’ / ‘Matter Of Time’

Nikolauss releases 2 new #140 remixes of Sean Tyas – ‘Now You See‘ and ‘Matter Of Time‘ courtesy of Regenerate Records.

Romanian Andrei Anechitei (Nikolauss) has long been on the proverbial radar of Sean Tyas in both DJ sets and radio shows, as well as landing on playlists of countless other Trance star DJs, and with very good reason. He just gets it. He has now stepped up to remix two of Sean’s biggest club tracks of the last few years, ‘Now You See’ and ‘Matter of Time,’ injecting his own soul into each of these with careful attention to maintaining the feel of the originals so masterfully.

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‘Now You See’ debuted on the VII compilation in 2018, and since then it’s making its way into fan’s hearts. People asked for a single release but it wasn’t ‘Matter Of Time’ was done as well.

Feedback talk turned into: “Why not release these 2 as an EP?”  Both remixes carry the signature Nikolauss #140 mark, and Sean has always called Nikolauss, “Mr #140 man,” from when they first met.  

“Fastest way to get yourself working on new music, when feeling stuck, is to go through other melodies and experiment. And that’s what I did with these two. I experimented. I was in a place where I felt that inspiration failed me and nothing new was coming up. But that lack of inspiration quickly turned up into a something playful, and in the end, got to the one of the best compilations put together – The VII one. Then, for ‘Matter of Time,’ I remember there was a remix contest for it, but of course, I didn’t make it then. Couldn’t force it. Tried so many versions, but nothing was good enough. Months later, I revisited the project and, again, it hit me. Several weeks and chats later, Sean popped the question. And NOW YOU SEE the MATTER OF TIME.”

Sean Tyas

Both remixes are already climbing in Beatport’s Trance Top 100, getting to 33 and 59, and still going strong.

‘Now you See’ the ‘Matter Of Time’ remix EP is out now and available here:

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