The Breakdown: Will Renville Gets Techy With “Cotard Delusion”

Cotard Delusion” is the fourth release from up-and-coming Trance artist, Will Renville.

Just a few years in the production game, the Brighton, England native is beginning to make a name for himself with his signature Tech-driven songs.

We recently caught up with Will, and he was kind enough to provide the following regarding this uniquely stellar offering.

“Within my recent tracks and live sets, I have tried to create a style surrounding the darker side of the genre and seeing how far down the rabbit hole you can take it and still call it ‘Trance.’

Will Renville – Cotard Delusion (Cover Art)

Over the past few years, I have spent a bit of time in India and got into Psy Trance, but I also found the ‘full-on’ stuff way too rolling and trippy. The Psy elements I like are the stabs and FX hits, so the aim was to try and incorporate them into the track while keeping the driving techy sound that I want people to associate with me.

I enjoy searching for random samples, so when I found the creepy girl’s voice, I knew it had to be thrown in there. I love the idea of people hearing it in a club and thinking, ‘what the hell is this?’ because those are the things that stick in people’s minds!

I have also noticed that a lot of tracks recently have huge leads through the breakdown which I think can sound quite samey. I wanted to create a breakdown which was a bit different, basing it around some cool sounding atmospheres, haunting melody, and some synth stabs to make a trippy effect which all builds into a big twisted techy drop. 

I’m reading more and more comments about how Trance/electronic music, in general, is getting quite generic sounding, so I hope people enjoy my attempts to think outside the box and keep things fresh.

There’s plenty more where this came from!” – Will Renville

With prior releases signed to Tangled Audio, Discover Dark, and MASS, this young artist is sure to please listeners for years to come.

Courtesy: Will Renville SoundCloud

“Cotard Delusion” will be released on March 30, 2020, courtesy of Radiation Recordings.

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