Gareth Emery Wants Everyone To Know That We’ll Be Ok

Gareth Emery, the transplanted Los Angeles Trance artist with three successful albums to his credit, surprised a few people with a direct message on Twitter.

He wants to know, through his “We’ll Be Ok” campaign, how everyone is doing during this unprecedented world event.

Gareth is encouraging everyone to upload videos and photos holding a “We’ll Be Ok” sign to Instagram with the tag #wellbeok or if your Instagram account if private, email them to

All photos and videos will be included in a music video of the acoustic version of the song.

The song, “We’ll Be Ok,” is very personal to Gareth. The lyrics, “If I should die here tonight, darling you saved my life,” were hastily written to his wife on an airplane that he thought was going to crash. Fortunately, the smoke-filled flight landed without incident, and the two are now enjoying a family together years later.

Courtesy: Gareth Emery Facebook

T-shirts and hoodies have also been printed in an effort to provide hope around the world, and can be purchased here.

Courtesy: Gareth Emery Facebook

This all comes part of a huge marketing campaign for the artist’s upcoming fourth album, “THE LASERS,” to be released in June 2020.

The following is the Twitter message:

“Hey there. Firstly, are you OK? Please let me know.

I’m definitely finding things tough. With gigs cancelled and no income on the horizon, 2020 is looking like a rough year… but on the upside, my family are well and we’re getting to spend plenty of time together.

Anyway. If you need some music to get you through this time, I wanted to drop you a link to my new album. It comes out in July, and it’s full of song written about hard times in my life.

Listening to it today is giving me hope. Reminding me that I wrote every one of these songs about a very challenging time… but those times passed, and so will this.

There are lyrics about being on a plane which I thought was going to crash, and the letter I wrote to my wife as I thought we were going down (‘you’ll be ok’).

There’s a song about my youngest daughter being rushed into hospital when I was 6,000 miles away (‘elise’).

There are songs about breakups, both business and personal. It’s real and it’s raw.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this feels like the album the world needs, right now.

Please pre-save the album.

Not just because the music is the best I’ve ever written, and not just because the tour is going to be the best laser show you’ve ever seen, but because, right now, I really fucking need you guys like never before.

Together, We’ll Be OK.

Pre-save ‘THE LASERS’ here.

Stay safe xx


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