Paul van Dyk & Kinetica Hit A Home Run With “First Contact”

On March 27, 2020, electronic music lovers received another advance transmission from ‘Guiding Light’ – the hotly anticipated tenth artist album from Paul van Dyk.

The genre pioneer has connected with Kinetica (Dee Henry) for ‘First Contact’ – their fittingly titled debut. Since Kinetica’s 2015 sign-in (remixing Tiesto & Benno de Goeiji’s ‘Endless Wave’), he’s struck one studio home run after another. A product of Ireland’s ever-vibrant Trance scene, his 2019 ‘Whispers’ demo caught Paul’s attention, which ultimately saw it inked to VANDIT’s Next Generation imprint.  

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Paul van Dyk & Kinetica – First Contact

Following PvD’s Feb-released ‘Duality,’ ‘First Contact’ moves ‘Guiding Light’s tonal needle another step closer to midnight. A heat-seeking trance missile, it’s one that’s been calibrated for maximum spiritual elevation, with the deepest of feel-good impacts.
Outside of ‘Guiding Light,’ the middle of March saw Paul step back into the virtual clubbing space, offering a timely response to clubland’s new reality. Together with fellow Berliner Chris Bekker, he performed the first in a projected series of PC Music Nights. Streamed live through Facebook from the German capital’s (poignantly crowd-less) Anomalie Art Garden venue, the 5hr show reached over 1.2 million.

With a musical tone kept purposefully positive, Paul and Chris peppered its tracklist with the inspiring likes of ‘Music Rescues Me’ and ‘Lights,’ as well as giving a first-time airing of ‘Guiding Light’s title track. Says Paul, “the idea, was to unite people from all over the world, bring them together virtually, find strength in numbers and escape reality through music.”

You can visit/revisit the first PC Music Night via PvD’s Facebook page here (

‘First Contact’ is available now through all good streaming and sales platforms (

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