Paul van Dyk To Quit DJing If Forced To Play “For An Angel” One More Time

Paul van Dyk, the two-time world’s number 1 DJ, confirmed yesterday that some of your favorite songs will not be played during his upcoming Guiding Light tour.

Speaking from his Berlin home, the VANDIT Records label-head adamantly said, “I’m thrilled to release my tenth album, and look forward to playing songs from it, but if I play “For An Angel” one more time, I’ll retire form the music scene.”

Paul van Dyk – For An Angel (Tomorrowland 2019)

The move comes as a surprise to many, but Paul has spoken to his wife, Margaritta Morello, and she supports his decision.

“I hate that song,” she stated. “Even though ‘For An Angel’ has earned him millions, I really can’t stand it.”

Paul went on to say that although he tries to provide different sounds each time the track is performed, he often naps during the mix.

“I just doze off,” he quipped. “I can literally mix that song in my sleep, so I take that opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest.”

Paul van Dyk

Fans of the song can still get their fix as there are no plans to remove it from the YouTube platform.

“‘For An Angel’ has been viewed 22M times on YouTube,” the Trance legend said. “I still need that royalty check of a few pounds to buy groceries.”

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