British Trance Artist, NASH, Launches “The Greenroom” To Keep Us Entertained

With the current world situation taking its toll on virtually everyone in the entertainment business, NASH (real name Gabriel Wenner) has introduced “The Greenroom.”

An artist to artist interview series, “The Greenroom,” was conceived well before the shut down’s occurred, and is geared to “talk to people in the public eye that might be a bit of fun to bring on,” NASH said.

Having attended film school for two years and working in the television industry for the past five years, the Manchester, England native aims to bring a different side of people to the forefront that we otherwise might not see. All the while, creating smiles and a few laughs.

“The ideal plan is to have a featured guest stop by the studio fortnightly to joke and promote themselves as they travel through Manchester during their tour dates,” NASH described. “Also, I would be attending their gigs and talking with different people in the green room to supplement the content of the show.”

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With the decorating process of his new set almost complete, NASH “wants to make a big focus around Trance DJ’s but also get people from film and TV involved,” NASH said. “If it (The Greenroom) gains traction, I want it to be a relationship between me and the viewer on who they’d like to see on the program.”

With a high production value slated for its one-on-one content, to date, the series has been recorded over the phone. “It’s limiting,” said NASH. “This whole isolation thing has turned the project on its head. FaceTime interviews are all I can do at the moment, but Ash was a good one to start with.”

Listen to NASH’s Trance Farm guest mix.

NASH is referring to his good friend, Ashley Wallbridge, who is always good for a laugh, and played “would you rather?” with the fellow British Trance artist who had to wear what appears to be a face peel during the interview!

Caution: Adult Language in the video below.

Additional guests have already been interviewed, so stay tuned to NASH’s social media for updates.

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