Above & Beyond’s Tony McGuiness Confirms Rebirth Of Trance Around The World 001

Via Twitch, Above & Beyond‘s, Tony McGuiness, announced that he’s recreating Trance Around The World.

He confirmed it on Twitter hours later.

Courtesy: Toby McGuiness Twitter

“My next stream, or the other one after, will be a recreation of TATW OO1,” the Trance legend said.

Broadcasted from 2004-2012, Trance Around The World was Above & Beyond’s weekly radio that reached 30 million listeners in over 35 countries.

TATW episode 001 aired initially on on January 13, 2004, opening with Satellite and featured an incredible set of memorable productions such as Above & Beyond’s astonishing remix of Chakra‘s I Am, Robert Nickson‘s Spiral, Signum‘s Club Mix of Delerium‘s Truly, and more.

Mirco De Govia delivered the first-ever guest mix on TATW, and Super8‘s Alba was the first-ever TATW Record Of The Week.

There is not a confirmed date for the broadcast.

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