Hard Trance Artist, Nicksy, Is Learning To “Walk The Wheel”

Hailing from the southwest of England, Nicksy (real name Martin Nicks) is as passionate as they come when it comes to the sounds of European Hard Trance.

Martin Nicks (Nicksy)

A respected DJ, he is now venturing into the realms of production with relative ease.

From the heels of his debut release, Acceptance (Hyper Reality Records), “Nicksy” jumped into the studio last year with HTE label boss, Nick The Kid, to revisit some classic European sounds, and Walk The Wheel was born.

Surprised with last summer’s results, and the dance floor reactions on this new German-sounding concoction, remixes were sought from Swiss label favorite, Wavetraxx, and Welshman, S.U.L.L.Y., to bring the sounds back to the future.


There’s something for everyone in this three-song release, from the raw and underground original, the pure and uplifting lower (136) B.P.M.’s of Wavetraxx’s anthemic rework (our favorite), and the peak time and euphoria of S.U.L.L.Y.’s carefully crafted input.

Walk The Wheel is available for purchase now courtesy of HTE Recordings.

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