Cosmic Gate’s “Wake Your Mind Sessions 004” is Here + Bonus Livestream

It’s here – The fourth edition of Nic & Bossi’s celebrated music compilation series, Wake Your Mind Sessions 004.

Containing thirty Cosmic Gate-embodying studio works – from the group’s own hands and like minds alike, the album spans the entire Cosmic cosmos. 150mins of music, including tracks from the likes of Armin, Above & Beyond, Chicane, Tinlicker, Genix, Andrew Bayer, Mauro Picotto and others, all mixed to perfection are just a couple of clicks away.

On wrapping the project, Nic said:

Bossi & I see ‘Sessions’ as the most important mix  – or mix-set – we do in any given year. Musically, they’re like our ‘permanent record’, which has to characterize to the fullest degree what we’re about. So the pressure is always on to be balance-exact and I think we can say doubly so this year, as (due to the spring 2019 release of their ‘Forward Ever, Backward Never’ album) we didn’t get the window last year.”

Unboxing ‘Sessions 4,’ you’ll find it dedicates its first mix to deeper sonic arcs, embarking – in contemplative form – with Nihil Young & Less Hate’s soul-storming Loss. With a cooler pulse about it, the mix travels up through the progressive foothills with moody, bass-heavier gear like the Dosem-remixed Vanishing from Tinlicker & Run Rivers. Further up the path you’ll find the acid churn and rising chime of Delta from gardenstate (aka Marcus Schössow & Matthew Felner). Delta’s perfect stylistic partner comes courtesy of Rafael Osmo and his latest Allenby, which ups the pump but a fraction, whilst keeping that 303 engaged. The mix’s third act continues that subtlest of vibe transitions through AVIRA’s take on Chicane’s classic Saltwater and opens the harmonic valve further, concluding with Kolonie’s Paradigm.

Reflecting on the first disc, Bossi says: “amongst the many reasons we love doing ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions’ releases is that it literally gives us a chance to do our own warm-up. Further, for the first time ‘WYMS004’ gave us the opportunity to include tracks from our newly opened Wake Your Mind Records Deep label, so there was a extra additional thrill in being able to showcase those sounds.”

While disc 1 brings the first Wake Your Mind Records Deep fare, the second is a confluence of the mainline label’s latest. Counted amongst you’ll find new songs from Greenhaven DJs and Patrick White (with To Those Who Forgot and Flowing Dream respectively), as well as Thomas Mengel’s latest heat-seeker, Axiom.

Mix 2 kicks off with Nic & Bossi’s first 2020 production Your Mind, whilst the just-released Universal Love also flexes its floor muscles round the midpoint. The heavyweights continue as Above & Beyond and Richard Bedford bring the second disc one of its most emotionally arresting moments with their current single Bittersweet & Blue. In the mix’s closing quarter, CG deliver a Cosmic blast to the Armin van Buuren/Avian Grays/Jordan Shaw team-up Something Real. The last song’ honors go to Mauro Picotto’s immortal Lizard.

STOP PRESS: May 6, 2020, will see Cosmic Gate perform their second NYC rooftop livestream through all major outlets, including Twitch, at 11:00 a.m. E.S.T. for a set that’ll reflect the compilation’s arc.   

Mix 01.

01. Nihil Young & Less Hate – Loss  
02. Jonathan Rosa featuring Kyla Millette – Daylight (Simon Doty Remix)
03. All Living Things – Programme Music 
04. Sudhaus & The Wash – Meridian (Solid Stone Remix)
05. Tinlicker featuring Run Rivers – Vanishing (Dosem Remix)
06. gardenstate – Delta
07. Fuenka – Bogano
08. ANUQRAM – Bionic Soul
09. Rafael Osmo – Allenby
10. Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne – Womaa
11. Chicane featuring Moya Brennan – Saltwater (AVIRA Remix)
12. Rolo Green – Kuat
13. Marc Marberg – Guarana (Kyau & Albert Rework)
14. Cosmic Gate & Foret – Need To Feel Loved
15. Kolonie – Paradigm

Mix 02.

01. Cosmic Gate – Your Mind (Intro Mix)
02. Paul Thomas & White-Akre – Vyote (Grum Remix)
03. Bryn Liedl – Rites
04. gardenstate – Polyform
05. Genix – Rave Daze
06. Andrew Bayer – Parallels pt. 2
07. Mohamed Ragab – Recoleta
08. Greenhaven DJs – To Those Who Forgot
09. Above & Beyond featuring Richard Bedford – Bittersweet & Blue (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
10. Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays featuring Jordan Shaw – Something Real (Cosmic Gate Remix)
11. Cosmic Gate – Universal Love
12. Patrick White – Flowing Dream
13. Thomas Mengel – Axiom
14. Daniel Wanrooy – Endless Universe
15. Mauro Picotto – Lizard (Cosmic Gate Remix)

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