Outrage Causes Website and Instagram Removal as DJs Promoted Tour Manager Mixes

Note: From a journalistic standpoint, I must reveal that I was involved in a comment thread regarding this subject with John Askew, and I find it only fair to share that as not to sway any bias.

An Instagram story video shared by Trance artist and VII founder, John Askew caused quite a stir in the dance music community to the point of the website and Instagram page, tntsofasessions, being removed as of 12:30 p.m. E.S.T.

The video showed notable DJs Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, Dubfire, and others asking the public to purchase mixes made by their tour managers with bonus tracks by the DJs themselves.

All proceeds from the sale of the mixes via the Bandcamp website were to be distributed amongst the tour managers.

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THIS. IS. AN. UTTER. SCANDAL. Out of desperation for income in these trying times the tour managers of some of worlds richest DJs launch a mix series to try and raise donations from the public to help keep themselves afloat while out of work. And then the millionaires they work for have the audacity to beg and plead to the general public to get involved / donate give money I’m guessing so that they don’t have to themselves!!!??. What the actual fuck???????? So the DJs in question are not covering the basic costs of the loyal warriors that baby sit them 24/7 during normal touring periods????? And not only that but they’re then asking you – the out of work / broke / skint general public to put your hand in your pocket to help cover these costs – so they don’t have to??????? Am I loosing my mind here or did what I just watched actually happen? I’m truly lost for words, shocked and a little sad. Shame on the managers who advised these DJs that this was a good idea. Some of these DJs were heroes to me but now any / all respect I had has been lost. If you are one of the tour managers who work for the DJs in this video I feel deeply deeply sorry for you. You’re at their side wiping their ass every second of every day while on tour and now they won’t repay the favour by helping you with a few chunks of change from their VAST wealth????? It’s as scandalous as Victoria Beckham trying to furlough all her staff so that the tax payer could cover their costs. Luckily though – she saw sense and reversed the request when public outrage subtly reminded her she’s a fucking millionaire a hundred times over so can cover those costs out of the coins in her solid gold handbag. This lock down brings out good in some but horrors in others. If you’re going to donate to anything – donate to the NHS or your own country’s front line medical services.

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John’s argument, which was shared by many, was that these popular DJs are the tour manager’s employer. After years of loyal service, some of the wealth the tour managers helped the DJs obtain should be given to the managers in lieu of the current world situation.

He also found it disturbing that the DJs were asking the public, who are struggling themselves, to donate to their managers.

Some, like myself, asked how this is different from a DJ, no matter how successful, releasing music during this time, promoting it, and asking the public to purchase it.

His response is below:

Many notable Trance artists showed their support for John’s public display, including John Fleming, Rich Solarstone, Greg Downey, David Forbes, Will Atkinson, Peter Steele, and Carl Nicholson.

As of this writing, no comment from the DJs in the video, but we’ll keep you updated.

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2 thoughts on “Outrage Causes Website and Instagram Removal as DJs Promoted Tour Manager Mixes

  1. Yup, you might for a second think, well there’s a lot of artists releasing music and promoting it hoping to earn from their music. But this is in such poor taste man, and I can’t believe NONE of them thought for a second that this and the video campaign to roll with it would be met with much other than disgruntlement and a push back. Absolute dafties, totally detached from what’s going on. I don’t know these tour managers, why the hell would I put cash in their pot when there’s far other deserving initiatives going on right now especially when I’m broke. Honestly so ridiculous.

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