Ferry Corsten Wants You To Collaborate With Him For Next UNITY Single

Ferry Corsten has always placed great importance on his fans and the firm sense of community seen within the Trance world. He takes that one step further as he invites fans to submit their ideas for the next release as part of his UNITY project.

UNITY was set up in 2018 with the intention of bringing artists within the Trance community together to work on projects for a bigger cause, resulting in team-ups with heavyweights such as Paul Oakenfold, Ilan Bluestone and most recently Sander van Doorn, that saw all proceeds from singles donated to VH1’s Save The Music Foundation.

At a time when people around the world are searching for positivity, and fledgling producers more so than ever are afforded time to hone their craft, this fan-focused project from Ferry serves as a great boost for artist making their way in music and ties in perfectly with the whole ethos behind UNITY. Furthermore the proceeds from the resulting UNITY collaboration single will be donated to the World Health Organization.

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Ferry Corsten

As part of the initiative, Ferry will be providing a rare insight into his workings as a producer and constructing a melody that is available for download via a playlist on his official Soundcloud page, along with full details of the project. Ferry is welcoming artists to explore their own creative freedom and develop the track how they feel – with the only limitations being it remains in the same key at the same BPM. Outside of that, producers have the chance to change the melody and submit a whole track, or individual stems they feel are suited, be that a bassline, drum loop, vocal or FX – the choice is yours.

To submit, participants must upload their contribution and post the link in the comments on the playlist on Ferry’s Soundcloud, including #tranceunity in the upload and making sure they have contact information in their own Soundcloud profile. Once the deadline has passed, Ferry will listen to all submissions and message successful fans directly for the parts to finish the song. The resulting track will then see all contributors credited on a full release, offering burgeoning producers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the UNITY project, collaborate with Ferry Corsten and in turn do their bit to support the world’s collective efforts to band together and come through the difficult times we are currently facing.

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Giving his thoughts on the decision to open up the UNITY project to fans, Ferry said: “With all the amazing talent that is out there, I am thrilled to be making this next Unity release a special and unforgettable experience. I’m sure we can all learn a lot from each other during the process. Never before have we felt the need to be a part of something bigger and for many of us, during this lockdown phase, we’re staying home and putting our energies into what we love – music. So, opening this up and working with you on this next release is a chance to hone our creative and collaborative abilities together. To say that I’m excited about this would be an understatement.”

Now, for the legal mumbo-jumbo:

Terms and Conditions

By submitting material for this project you are confirming and acknowledge that:

1 All submissions may be used in full or in part as a piece of the final composition in its original form or modification.

2 Selected contributors will be credited on the final master and share in the publishing of the record.

3 All proceeds from this record will go to charity.

4 Submissions do not have the right for commercial release outside of Soundcloud.

5 All producers retain the rights to their composition and can do what they wish with their portion of the composition at the end of the campaign as long as it does not include the master and composition by Ferry Corsten.

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