Gav Easby’s INU Music Group is Finding a Home in The Progressive World

From his home in the northeast of England, Gav Easby was about to “start painting the walls” as the world braced itself for a different way of living back in late March 2020.

The host of the weekly IN2U Mix Show on TM Radio and owner of INU Music Group, which includes INU, IN2U Records, and Galvanised, Gav co-owns INU Musika with Mexico resident, Andy Woldman. “I’m a family man first,” says Gav. “Spending time with the kids and walking the dogs with my beautiful wife is a joy; it allows me to smile every day. My day job and passion for the electronic music scene take up a lot of time, but my wife keeps me in check.”

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Gav Easby

Launched in February 2019, IN2U Records was an outlet for Gav to release his productions, but quickly realized it could be a launching pad for other artists in the scene. “Craig Twist of Enertia-Sound offered to do a track for the label,” Gav remembers. “So, we released the Deliverance EP with remixes from Findike & OrgaNik. It has since snowballed into what it is today.”

Gav credits Rob Walburg who has been instrumental in the label’s development and is pleased with its progress. “I feel very honored and lucky,” Gav gratefully said. “To have worked with so many great artists and up and coming talent during 2019 has been amazing.”

By the end of 2019, the label had a full schedule for releases. Seeing this as an opportunity, Gav launched INU, thereby furthering his repertoire of recording labels, and combined the imprints into the INU Music Group. “We now had a further capacity for the influx of quality work and was able to release it in a reasonable timeframe.”

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INU Music Group

Gav also launched Galvanised to self-release music. The EP of the label’s name is the first release and is a collection of tracks that went unfinished for a while. Asked about the process of creating the music, Gav said, “I’m not sure what genre they fit in, but they felt right at the time. The inspiration usually comes from listening to lots of music over a broad range. Some grooves and sounds ignite the flames, and that is usually a good starting point for me.”

In regards to his growth as an artist, Gav says, “I feel honored to be asked to work with some great people on these up and coming projects. I feel my productions are getting better with each remix. Right now, my focus is on some collaborative work with Andy (Woldman), and am very excited about it.”In the end, Gav feels lucky to be included with such great label owners in the Progressive Melodic community. “We all have that personal touch, and that goes a long way,” he said.

The remaining of the year can expect more releases from Gav as he continues to grow his INU Music Group brand. “We have some great music lined up that I can’t wait to get out there,” Gav enthusiastically said. “The INU Musika Concept with Andy is going to be a big focus in 2020. I’ll continue my radio show and pop up here and there with some original works and remixes along the way.

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