Review: Wæde Wätts Deliver One Of The More Eclectic Albums Of The Year

Wæde Wätts has announced their arrival on the Trance scene with what is arguably one of the most innovative albums of the year. A twelve-track triumph, Avenoir represents an evolution almost two years in the making and the collaborative result of two great friends. Each of them brings substantial experience as DJs and producers to the table, having seen support from the likes of some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry, including Cosmic Gate, Above & Beyond, and Dash Berlin.

Together, Table 18 (real name Jerry Clark Tebbs) and Theølogy (real name Matthew John Bentley) are the architects of both Wæde Wätts and the dance music label, Get Served Records. Releasing Avenoir on their own imprint is a calculated move, allowing them to demonstrate the sounds their label is looking to champion. They make it clear they want to sign music that is made without barriers, and Wæde Wätts’ debut album is the perfect example of the innovation Get Served Records is seeking.

Theølogy (l) & Table 18 (r)

As an album, Avenoir is a blend of Trance, Electro, Bass, Progressive, and more. Jerry and Matthew have compiled a masterful demonstration of their understanding of each of these genres, and a brand new perspective on electronic music. The album itself is a journey when played start-to-finish. Deliberately commencing with a down-tempo, atmospheric vibe, it progresses to bass-heavy grooves and peak-time dance floor ambiance designed to pump up the night.

There’s something for everyone here. Songs like Astray and Cerebral are perfect for a chill, sunny Sunday afternoon in a hammock; Astray evokes an uplifting feeling of peace, while the wistful vocals in Cerebral create an ambiance that lives up to the track’s name. As the album progresses, energy begins to build. Anamnesis is a driving Progressive House mix that combines subtle melodies with punchy synths; with this song and Kudoclasm, the duo shows mastery over the progressive genre.

The title track, Avenoir, features a pumping groove that is guaranteed to get your feet moving, while Peyton Sawyer is another masterpiece that will keep you dancing. Fans of vocal Trance will love Rise (featuring Meredith Bull), an energetic offering that spotlights emotional vocals and a well-crafted breakdown, forming a truly memorable dance anthem. The album also features collaborations with Euphoric Nation, Jon Fast, Isoprospect, Mavrek, and Z3phyr. Each of these collabs reflects not only their willingness to mesh their sound to a variety of styles but is also an indication of what listeners may be able to expect from forthcoming releases on Get Served Records. Their efforts with Avenoir very well represent the dedication of Wæde Wätts to searching out genuinely unique sounds.

Theølogy (l) & Table 18 (r)

Early support for the album’s singles has been pouring in, and Rise was featured on Enhanced Music’s Progressive House playlist on Spotify. Since its release on May 15, 2020, the album has surpassed over thirteen thousand streams on that platform. The duo appreciates the love and support that’s been delivered as the project came to fruition – initially releasing a teaser video expressing their gratitude to all the producers and artists who gave their input and advice along their journey.

Wæde Wätts – Avenoir (Get Served Records) is available exclusively on Spotify.

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