Armin van Buuren Questions Record Labels With “Trance” In Their Brand Name During His Radio Show, “A State Of Trance”

During his Thursday, May 21, 2020, A State Of Trance 965 episode, Armada Music owner and five-time number 1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren, had some interesting words for recording labels that posses the word “Trance” in their brand name.

Armin van Buuren discussing why recording labels with the word “Trance” in their title are unnecessary during an episode of his radio program, A State Of Trance.

After airing Andrew Manning‘s new single Infinity courtesy of the Trance recording label, We Are Trance, van Buuren asked his co-host, Ruben de Ronde, “Can I say something about that?” to which de Ronde answered, “Yeah.”

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Admitting his statements were going to be controversial, the Dutch host asked why we need labels named We Are Trance and This Is Trance. “It seems like we’re having an identity crisis,” van Buuren said. “I mean, who cares? If it’s good music, it’s good music.”

de Ronde affirmed van Buuren when standing in front of his computer monitor by saying, “Yeah, you don’t need to prove a point or anything.”

After van Buuren said he selects music for his radio show that fits A State Of Trance, de Ronde interjected with, “I’ll give it to you on full in that I don’t see label names behind the track at all, so I need to look them up all the time. That’s what I’m doing here on the screen as well.”

van Buuren continued, “Maybe we can stop doing that. Just play good music and stop labeling it. Of course, it’s the genre that you like, but why do we have to label, ‘that’s Trance?’ So, that’s ‘not Trance?’ I mean, who cares? It’s a personal feeling. I’ve always found that interesting.”

Armin van Buuren’s comments can be viewed at the 50:31 mark.

He went on to say to the 40 million weekly listeners that Infinity was a “good track anyway,” and continued the show.

Trance Farm approached Dirkie Coetzee, owner of the South African label, We Are Trance, for comment. He issued a statement following the broadcast:

“Thank you for reaching out and making us aware of this. We have a huge amount of respect for Armin & ASOT, and we were so excited to see him support our label & artists. We did giggle a little when we heard the comment, especially as it was said on a show titled A State of Trance.

Many other successful brands such as A State Of Trance, In Trance We Trust, Trance Around The World & Transmission as an example, all use a play off on the word Trance. If you represent it, why not say it, right?!

To get back to the comment, we respect Armin’s views and opinions, but the meaning behind our brand name is much deeper than just representing or identifying with the genre.

We’re based in South Africa, and the brand was established six years ago as an event brand. The name “We Are Trance” was chosen as a rebellion to politics in the scene. We wanted our brand to represent the DJs, the supporters, and unite a divided community.

In a relatively short time, we have managed to revive our local scene and cemented ourselves as one of the most respected brands in our country. We’re deeply proud of our name, what we stand for, and our vision.

We’re still a small brand compared to the heavyweights out there, but our passion for Trance and its community is second to none. We’re shooting for the stars in everything we do, and we’re extremely excited about our future!”

A State Of Trance first aired in May 2001 and can be heard every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. EST.

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4 thoughts on “Armin van Buuren Questions Record Labels With “Trance” In Their Brand Name During His Radio Show, “A State Of Trance”

  1. Agree with Iamthriddick and Dirkie Coetzee We Are Trance. Armins radio has the word Trance in it. Only made me want to listen to the track and find out more about ‘We Are Trance’. As they say, any press is good press

  2. Armin is commenting due to his own divergence from quality music to yhe crap EDM sound. People who support REAL trance will be baffled by a man who’s built an empire under the tagline ‘Trance’ criticising the genre. Those who disagree on my opinions of his shift tell me, is Steve Aoki trance? No. An yet van Buuren his featured him in his now worthless Armind label and playing the EXACT same big room rubbish Aoki does.

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