Trance Music Producer Gayax Claims Extortion and Harassment; Considers Retirement

Popular Trance music producer Gayax (real name Jose Martinez) is now considering retirement amid allegations that an individual threatened and extorted him while presenting false copyright to his music.

The El Salvadorian claims through a Facebook post that someone impersonated Abora Skies Records CEO Harpaul Alberto Kohli demanding free remixes and vocal mixes through a series of emails to Gayax.

In an email sent to Gayax from an apparent fake address representing the recording label, the individual demands that “if Harpaul (the supposed sender of the email), “will not complete my remaining remixes, you will be harmed too.”

Gayax also claims the individual used another fake email address with his and Harpaul’s name to report a stolen track that rightfully belonged to him to a streaming service.

Gayax is a respected producer with over 200 releases on labels such as Tranceform, State Control Records, Redux Recordings, and many others.

Trance Farm contacted Gayax for comment. He expressed that he is now considering retirement although his social media post announced the retirement. He also stated his wanting to be at peace and that colleagues are encouraging him not to retire.

Trance Farm also reached out to Harpaul Alberto Kohli for comment, but that has gone unanswered as of this writing.

We’ll keep you updated.

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